The First Israel Design Week

A new design concept rises in Israel

Israel Design Week recently showcased localised works from architects, designers and design makers in the capital, Tel Aviv. Although designers from the country often work on international projects, ranging from offices to restaurants, this exhibition was about curating the local design flavour of Israel. This contributing choice to the global design climate has been unique because Israel is very technology-savvy and the winds here always slant towards a martial environment but it is still a newcomer to the design stage. Born free from a heritage in design, unlike Europe, Israel chose to celebrate this moment by expressing their independence and their capacity to grow, to evolve and to twist, with intelligence; refinements are happening to the design tapestry in Israel, all the while connecting with the audience over that conversation.

A local Israeli flavour
A special art print, signed by the artist and sold in 50 makes
Manufactured of bamboo and brass is this brilliant contemporary lamp
These handmade Japanese Tatami tiles are made of straw and rice pressed together, with the aid of a technology that is 500 years old already
Fashion, architecture and interior design in Israel

Author: Osmi Anannya

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