Leonardo DiCaprio’s First Ever Academy Award

What was that moment like?

Newspapers and magazines are rife with “celebration” over Leonardo’s first ever “amazing” Academy Award win for Best Actor. But was the moment really worth it? I genuinely feel the real star of the night were the robots from Star Wars, Inside Out and the bear from The Revenant, but when we are talking of the Best Actor, did your favourite win? I really did not have any favourites there because for a moment I thought Tom Hanks was going to receive a nomination for his brilliant work in Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, but I guess that was not to be.

I normally feel that seniors (or young kids who are far more accomplished than some “young stars dabbling in drama”) deserve to be the talk of the town, when it comes to the highest honours in Hollywood. I was so happy to see Mark Rylance win, as such, for his work in Bridge of Spies and Alejandro G. Iñárritu for The Revenant. It was a great night: The Big Short won in the adapted screenplay category, Spotlight won in the original screenplay category and The Revenant won for cinematography. The bear has been so popular at the Academy Awards: Hollywood Life thought it looks like ‘a stuffed bear’, The Mirror thought that Leonardo cannot escape from the bear’s claws, as it was spotted clapping to it’s film, when The Revenant nomination for Best Film was announced during the night, and TIME thought the Bear was so amazing it had to have it’s very own award.

On my desk, sits a stick-it note: procrastinating with Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘first ever’ Academy Award speech.

The Academy Awards is such a prestigious awards ceremony. It is not the Golden Globes, or the Critic’s Choice Awards so the stakes are so much higher. Given their penchant for loving dramas, more than science fiction or romantic comedies, means that you never really know if your work has made the cut, if the films you adore commenting on/reviewing, really will win, in the end. Leonardo here thanks everyone in the room, Fox and the director of the film for coming to attention in the last two years, as the history of filmmaking unravels before everyone’s eyes and how passionate he is about the environment. Although, he has called for zero-procrastination that is something I cannot really do because I love to waste time looking at acceptances speeches as these, that are like warm and frothy like a cup of mocha because this will probably be the last time Leonardo wins at the Academy Awards. Peace out!

Leonardo DiCaprio & the #Bear, from The Revenant, at the Academy Awards; the Bear, is very happy and clapping for “its film”.

Author: Osmi Anannya

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