Whale’s Purple/Yellow Tie

Abe Simpson.jpg
The Incredible Love For #Nickelodeon

Whale and Hot Dog are getting ready to visit Mr. Burrow, Whale’s father and Hot Dog’s grandfather. Hot Dog is helping Whale tie his purple and yellow thin-striped tie, in her little emerald jumper dress.

Whale: When I was a little boy I never got the chance to spend time with my father. He was always so busy in his science workshop he had no time for me. Not that I wouldn’t be alright with it but I can’t imagine raising you like that!

Hot Dog: Well, you are not! Does Grandpa have friends back in Sheffield?

Whale: Yes, he does! And tonight after dinner at Pizza Hut, he’ll be with us for the weekend! Then we will probably go up to Sheffield for a week as a long holiday, during your Easter break!

Hot Dog: WHAT?!?!

Whale:..his house has Nickelodeon!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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