Slow and Steady…

The Turtle. The Tortoise.

Most of the time it’s really hard to understand the logic behind some people’s arguments: lunching got a publicly lousy worker ahead professionally (my competitors), not socialising and both academic and professional brilliance (me)?

Back in school, all these kids who were “high achievers” eventually hit a wall and that wall is called a wake up call. Naturally I was also a high achiever in my own right back then with them and unlike all of them I was the undisputed queen of the English Language; I studied O Levels and A Levels, both for the EDEXCEL examination board practically my whole life.

There is no way that I hit a wall because I only contested for the English Language when they were classified by their “friends” as all-rounders. Being the popular girl is challenging: as I started to get more and more successful with time because that’s how you climb the career ladder, these competitors of mine began to lose interest in everything they were doing publicly, sans lunching and romantic troubles of theirs but here’s where it gets tricky. Lunches and lousy work is what got them ahead up until a certain point in time but when the going got tough they again fell into that space where they were competitors who lost to me. They were dying to compete with me, and soon got a taste of their own medicine…or should I say repercussions of their own wish?

The Turtle…wins the race!!!

They were not careful when they wished to compete with me because they were so over-confident about winning, practising that confidence with their eyes totally closed. But that’s life, yeah: slow and steady always wins the race. When you hit rock bottom for being naive these people have verbal daggers out at you because they detested you so much back then – not the winning, just the goodness in character and that privileged pedigree those never had the privilege of being able to claim, that only like fast thinking on your heels, being smart and cunning could solve. So, now I want to say that as an accomplished young #popular girl I find it tough to digest that I’m not individualistic in everything I do. I am. Do these kids even care anymore? They influence nothing! They do nothing worthwhile with their time, not anymore! But that’s not who I am because as a cerebral kid I have the power to influence, to shape, to contribute to many different subjects, be it politics or technology. My competitors have hit rock bottom and they waste everyone’s time including mine when they say they are interesting to know because soon I find that I really should not be giving a damn care; my competitors have got no responsibility at all to show towards both their professional and academic goals – I must say, that amongst all these, I am the only one who does that: the only one who always shows both academic and professional responsibility.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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