Carrie & A Teenage Novel

Carrie & her telekinesis power

When Prom Becomes A Tragedy

Carrie is one of my most favourite films from the seventies. Based on a singular book by Stephen King, of the same name, the story revolves around a prom tragedy. Carrie, the protagonist, is a seemingly timid working class girl, with a deranged and occasionally even abusive, mother. She goes to a good school filled with many supportive teachers but because Carrie’s a social misfit, she is constantly teased (or bullied) by practically all of her classmates. One day this bullying goes out of control and her classmates get severely punished by the educational establishment, as a result. The bullies are such primitive thugs they actually get their parents to exert authority over the establishment and prove some of the kids are innocent but that plan actually fails spectacularly; the younger bullies then remember all these insults and decide to hatch a plan to publicly humiliate Carrie.

Carrie, unknown to anyone, discovers she has telekinesis powers since birth and gains strength in it through secret practice. During that time, one of her bullies, Sue Snell, feels regret over her past decisions and wants to make amends with Carrie: Snell like asks a popular guy from high school, and naturally, since Sue is like so Sue, her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, to take Carrie out to the prom. Tommy begins to fall in love with Carrie at the prom, and his friends also begin to like her, even though Carrie (believe it or not!) was initially sceptical about really only being Ross’, Sue’s like boyfriend, “prom date”.

Seriously disgusted by all of this, one of the female bullies and her boyfriend secretly pile buckets of pig’s blood over Tommy and Carrie’s head and soon pour it on them to ruin their prom. Some teachers and all the students there laugh at Carrie, drenched in pig’s blood, as a dead and drenched in pig’s blood Tommy lies next to her – the bucket hits Tommy on the head and he dies on the spot. At first Carrie runs away from the school in humiliation but then she returns after remembering her telekinesis abilities and spreads electrocution in the school, killing all, when the revenge in her mind initially formed as attacking a few of the students who always bullied her.

Carrie runs away home and gets stabbed by her mother there, which Carrie reacts to by stopping her deranged mother’s heart with telekinesis, instantly. Mortally wounded, however, she runs away again and when one of her bullies try to run her over with a car on the street, she kills all inside the car by getting telekinesis to cause the car to instantly crash. As she is about to die, she learns that Sue did not try to humiliate Carrie at the prom, and foolishly forgives Sue, her former bully. Carrie dies from her injuries, soon after, with the knowledge her mother shared with her: Carrie might have been conceived from marital rape, but her mother quite frankly enjoyed the sex. Back at the school, the horror touches all of the innocent alive, from the principal to senior students now very sombre and remorseful. There is a local county hope, after the prom tragedy, that this event will never repeat itself but you soon learn of a happy woman proclaiming her daughter has telekinesis powers, an ability, she shares with her grandmother.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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