Feminism is for #Females

The perils of believing in feminism: can your beliefs really grow, with an evolving society, or like me, do you believe in getting #boldlyargumentative, for your personal beliefs in feminism?


I was so surprised to learn of this barrage of arguments that is happening right about now between Ian McEwan (Atonement, Amsterdam) and the transgender community. I was too busy trying to work out the relevance of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley, and Alicia Vikander’s films, which are either rubbish or a film that outshines her, much like her co-star, Eddie Redmayne, does as well, as her fellow actor, in today’s society, when that serious piece of news stared at me from the front page.

Normally, those kind of gossips aren’t very interesting, to me, because I am, like, not fond of either Brady or Hardy – I think they are dull, unattractive, as perfectly less talented as the wives they chose to have and very grossly romantically primitive (I think these couples totally adore BIG secrets, about their pasts!) in Hollywood. That would be the reason why they might seem gossip-attractive to so many, but I have totally never been part of that crowd, and this could perhaps be because I have a totally different barometer for what’s hot, and an entirely separate romantic perspective, too.

I like love to be expressive about my “romantic pasts” with #amazingdudes, and I would rather waste my time learning about David and Victoria Beckham, or as I love to, pick “hotties”, or press the like button, on a whole different (and #amazing) kind of male species, examples of which would include Ryan Gosling, Nick Carter, Ryan Reynolds, Adam Levine and Leonardo DiCaprio. I really do not find it in myself, as a feminist, to understand why gender confused men should also have the same changing rooms as women, now to respect their transgender status. I think it is physically mortifying to learn that a man must be changing in tiny public spaces, such as those in department stores, along with women because it is quite an insensitive demand to be making off #females.

Feminism is about changing the national perspective on women.

I have never been a big fan of the quota system for women in education, or in particular, higher education, because I am a big believer in equality across both genders, so I do not know how to argue with all of that for the transgender community but I am not one with embracing the idea, like Ian McEwan, that a woman can also be a lady with a penis. They have the XY chromosome, and that brings their identity to the forefront of civil debate, as males. In society, I believe, the prevailing cultural perspective should be that women’s rights are meant for females, only, and with that idea it is important to embrace the thought of sensitivity for females too, for a change.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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