Whale Cooks Delicious Scrambled Eggs

Jack’s second diary entry

Jack is very worried in the school’s parking lot. It has been an hour since Hot Dog and Fat Pig are inside the school and there is no news about the candies promised. Some teacher could be shouting at Hot Dog and Jack is doing nothing at all. Jack remembers Mrs. Blossoms being very unkind to Hot Dog recently because she never pays attention to her absurd feminism theories. Mrs. Blossom never takes any of their classes but she is always patrolling the school corridors and trying to segregate the boys from the girls even though this is a co-educational school. Jack was once holding hands with Hot Dog, and Fat Pig was underneath her, as she tried to grab the last piece of party candy that fell to the ground, from their buffet table, during the school’s annual prom, and all three got detention that day for behaving inappropriately on school grounds.

If it wasn’t for their fathers complaining about their kids coming home late on that day, he thought the three would have never gotten saved. After waiting for a few minutes, Whale and Mr. Brown go inside the school because Jack cannot stop from getting worried about Hot Dog. Jack’s father decides to use the time to speak to the kids’ maths teacher about his son’s grades.

Jack: Hot Dog!!! There you are! Give me some candies!

Hot Dog: Why are you here??? Oh My God! Did you come with your Dad to school, too?

Jack: Yeah! They are speaking to the teachers now!

Fat Pig: WHAT? We were going to stall them with sweet treats and speak to our teachers! Now you have ruined everything and we will surely get into trouble!
Jack: No! No! No! We will not! The school principal already loves Hot Dog, and besides we are also somebody’s favourites…aren’t we?

Hot Dog: Who? Who’s favourite are you?

Hot Dog is interrupted by Whale at that precise moment, asking her to go back to their blue car. Whale arrives to their blue car, with Hot Dog’s report card in his pudgy hand, and a having big smile on his face. Whale is very busy being happy about how Hot Dog has been performing in all of her subjects in school, apart from Geography and African Studies, both of which she got only a C in. Whale has never been a big fan of either of the two subjects, so he drives back home, not speaking to any of her teachers any longer.

Whale’s first diary entry

Whale (on the phone, with Mr. Brown): That will be alright for lunch? Alright! I will see you and your kid tomorrow!

Back at home, Hot Dog is setting the table for lunch, while Whale is preparing lunch in the kitchen – egg sandwiches, and a green salad bowl for the two to share. In the kitchen, Whale slices a loaf of bread into triangular shapes, butters one side, and places it on the table, before proceeding to make scrambled eggs. Whale and Hot Dog love their scrambled eggs cooked with salted butter. Whale’s neighbour, Moja Bleu decides to pop up in front of the kitchen window, all of a sudden, right then to chat some.

Moja Bleu: Do you want some peanuts?
Whale: Huh! No thanks! I’m good! I’m actually preparing lunch! It’s scrambled eggs!

Moja Bleu: That sounds so tasty! Yesterday, you will not believe what happened! I saw a vegetarian woman in the local supermarket, and she had fainted in front of the beef teriyaki aisle!

Whale: What? How? Why?

Moja Bleu: She is a vegetarian woman!!! She eats no meat at all! But she came to the supermarket thinking it’s a vegetarian supermarket because the first couple of aisles only sell fresh groceries and fine baked goods!


Author: Osmi Anannya

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