Romantic Celebrity Cultures & Weddings

When is it right to press the pause button on the “celebrity life”?

Celebrity marriages, the kind that so frequents in Los Angeles, are quite different from ordinary marriages, even if they are so very delicious to read about, for an #ambitious Londoner, like me. They are, probably a billion dollar market alone, because the wedding is inclusive of big expenditures, such as the wedding dress, the perfect flowers, the elite guest list, and the venue. The press coverage alone is meant to knock most average New Yorkers unconscious because it is such a grand investment into a series of separate romantic publicity stunts. The whole idea behind this kind of a marriage in a segment of Far Eastern culture is to shun the idea of feminism: these women, have absolutely no worries at all about professionally getting ahead, about demanding better working conditions, higher wages and the same sets of privileges that has been open to men, since the beginning of time.

Sure! The fight might be a hard one, when class is out there put into question for the male species, but it definitely has no gender-bender motive. 

Is life really all about love? To so many women, yes!

In China, lately, many women are going down a path that so many, pathetically, would absolutely die to go down, really: exchanging a career with a big wedding. I don’t find the thought hard to grasp at all because in Hollywood so many role models do, according to popular beliefs, fail to live up to the hype that made them big in the first place. It is so commonplace to see so many young actresses exchange their morality to keep a man, because it is just so tough to say goodbye to the love of their life, even if they come off as desperate, clingy and needy: also known as Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie. Some supermodels or even models (basically, “attractive women”) get married to some man not much of a looker (basically, ‘ugly men’), in comparison to their brainless previous conquests, whilst others completely disappear from the gossip circuit because for example, the wedding they courted so badly suddenly breaks down and the couple in question chose to be quiet about it, rather than sounding the trumpet, like they did for the preparations leading upto the two’s BIG DAY.

The weddings appear lucrative to certain women, I imagine, because they have a mindset that is completely different from the kinds sported by most women in the world: a marriage is absurdly more interesting and babies are worth coveting more, than sheer hard work and the daily professional grind. 

Where does this love machine really want to go?

In the end, the general idea is that ‘marriage on the cards or not?’ should not define a woman, like so many women in China. Looks, intelligence and ambition, might attract men in throngs, comparatively, but the point stands that a lot of women nowadays feel they simply, desperately need to get married because the job market is full of unemployment figureheads, and to young women that isn’t a lucrative idea of life. Rather than slog your way to the top, women also spend endless hours working on their beauty and social regimen, to impress wealthy men, these days and the percentages are on the rise than times past. This social outlook in China could lead to a marriage for the ladies, it could even practically save their futures but in the midst of it all these women also have to often face worries about their men no longer remaining interested in their trophy wives, when they have had a baby and aged.

Celebrity marriages, at the end of the day, are a means for many stars to remain in the news, and most of the time it is precisely because, as trophy wives they are perhaps doing far better work than the kind that made most of them recognisable faces in the first place. 

A new brand of love for getting married super-early and super-rich, is challenging conventional notions of feminism in China because women of today, if they want to have the same sets of rights as men, they should be willing to work as hard as them for the same sets of jobs. Women should not feel like they have to prioritise a marriage over earning an income, only because a portion of mainstream society finds that thought perfectly understandable for some women. These values should be nurtured in both the Chinese and the Western society. Thoughts such as these, should be highlighted, that a woman’s place does not always have to be inside the home, and certainly not something as morally mortifying as a dependent partner to a poor, middle-income or a very rich man.

Author: Osmi Anannya

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