The Huntsman: Winter’s War

If you enjoy “a good princess, chasing a wicked queen” kind of stories, then prepare yourself to suddenly shift focus on two young soldiers out to thwart their master.

A tale of two royals and their evil desires
Rating: 6/10

The sequel to “Snow White and the Huntsman” seems half-baked, at first. In the first film, Queen Eleanor wishes for a fair child, but dies soon after giving birth to her. The child is named Snow White, and her father, King Magnus marries Ravenna, who kills him to take supreme control of his kingdom. Locked away, Snow White eventually gets chased by Ravenna’s people, for her heart. In the second film, Ravenna is about to die but discovers Freya, her sister, is pregnant with an illegitimate child. However, the child is murdered by the man who fathered her, which tears Freya apart enough to kill him, with her previously blocked powers.

Freya never recovers from the loss so constructs her very own empire far away, killing all those that get in her way, and sitting atop an army she has crafted. Ravenna dies eventually, but when Freya grabs hold of her sister’s magic mirror, she finds out that before Snow White killed her, Ravenna transported her spirit to the mirror. Starring Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt and Chris Hemsworth, another angle to the film is a love story between two of Freya’s soldiers, where the maiden is a violent troublemaker. The movie is replete with rich forests, fairy spirits that reside in those forests, and colourful beasts, but all of that is really in the background, as a hardened (towards love) Freya grows into a vengeful royal, with two key army soldiers missing, because they are in love.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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