The Confusing Wagon

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As a senior, I cannot believe I am not living with ‘mates’ at uni, when as a fresher I did

In student life, one of the most important experiences you can have is either living in halls or sharing a house with mates. For halls, there is always too much rigidity involved so after a point it becomes impossible to imagine that it can be a permanent way to live, as a senior. In my first year, at uni, I got the opportunity to meet boys and girls from across the world, so there is a whole lot of multicultural experiences there, and most of the time it’s never confusing. Then I get very busy with academics, and very soon after lazing about in my first and half-of-second year is done (with a lot of trouble thrown in) I finally start to regularly excel academically.

Then just out of nowhere the puzzling wagon just keeps on rolling – as a new student, maybe it seems understandable when you hear complaints about keeping your room dirty, but as a senior is that the kind of student life anyone can ever crave? The complaints are never serious though: it’s always there is an unexplainable smell in my room (either the smell got trapped inside when you open the windows, or it is very clearly the smell of coloring pencils, newly used and sharpened), it’s not so easy to explain an emergency to everybody at uni, even though most times all the librarians are so amazing to understand it, for a very long time, or there is something about somebody else pulling a practical joke with the microwave glass plate (they placed a sticky substance on the plate) and it ending up as your fault because you forgot to inform the staff at halls about it because the glass plate broke accidentally when you went to use the microwave.

And it seemed like the ‘living with family’ puzzles would just never stop…in school!

I feel that these complaints always land on me when other students seem to not be bothered about it, perhaps because they have no intention to live in halls anymore, even though they say they do and you always see them visit. It is also their duty to maintain everything finely in halls but they break all kinds of rules and during their tenure, they never get kicked out: they cook in their rooms constantly when students aren’t allowed to, they wash their clothes and they dry their clothes, when they aren’t supposed to, they always arrive home late in the night, and can just leave late at night in the spur of the moment, to meet a friend, they keep their room so dirty, it takes a lot of cleaning services requests, from me, to keep it clean, and the list just goes on and on, inclusive of my food (BUTTER!) always going missing.

I don’t understand how the complaints I get can ever be deemed serious when there’s always a perfectly good reason behind it: when you are violently ill, there will be tissues all around your bed, and your housemates in those flats kinds of halls, never bothered to keep the house clean – it was always so filthy, it nearly became inhabitable, and I don’t understand why the blame always fell on me (?), if it did, or my housemates, who were perfectly friendly (?), when the previous housemates left the flat inhabitable to begin with.

It’s a very puzzling situation because normally everyone at uni gets me, from the help desk over technology matters to the many wonderful librarians, but the accommodation office(s) are quite confusing for me to have to navigate on a regular basis (one of them put me on a waiting list for a year even though they are sure they will never give me a room in the halls they like run, I think, again for cleanliness issues, which I can only understand was for when I fell ill), a little bit like the finance office.

I knew the latter is never understanding of a student’s many issues because I had a issue with Wifi last term that the uni staff at the library rang the Finance Office to help me out, but the Finance Office never did, for the first day at least. The super-friendly staff at the library asked me to check back about it with them again the next day, but I got so embarrassed the Finance Office told the uni staff in the library a firm no when they offered to help me out, I didn’t like check back the next day, and it automatically got sorted out within a week. Sometimes running errands can be the most confusing thing in the world…


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