Glass Noodles = That seems to be all!

Do you feel your college gives you adequate support? Mine does!

In college, I find that the toughest challenge facing a student is the sheer amount of hard work that he or she must do, for doing well in their respective degree. For that I have had a countless amount of support because my uni is structured like that: the barriers to my academic growth for some time now, and it has even been brought to the knowledge of my amazing Dean (Department Dean), so that I can get the appropriate support required, are other students and accommodation.

For some time now, in group assignments I get paired with other students and they never do their work, so I suffer. One kid was so bad at this collaborative nature of work she did zero work and never told me about it until the day the assignment was scheduled to be submitted. I think she thought it was alright to not care at all, so absurdly how is it looking now? That I might have actually gotten an 8 out of 40 in my final exams, even though I did good in the subject previously in the semester before – I repeated it after telling my tutor that I wished to excel in it, rather than just get another basic pass, because I already do more than simply pass, in a couple of subjects.

Never fear…there is always the right level of support, no matter when you need it.

The accommodation issues are, like I have stated before, too confusing for me to sort out: the whole system is too rigid for me, and they are never flexible like the support team for international students, my department, etc., even for simple items the finance office should be understanding about; no matter where at uni, the Student Affairs section or the Registrars Office, everybody cares enough to understand when there is an emergency, too many times, so imagine how confusing the halls experience (both on campus and off campus) is getting for me. It is certainly confusing enough to go for counselling again, which I got an appointment for (again), but I am totally optimistic about that because it always goes good.

Meanwhile, yesterday I found out that one of my project based subjects got pushed to next semester, even though I had submitted the registration slip on time, during the briefing preceding classes officially starting for it. I had to meet my tutor for it, one of them, early morning on a Tuesday to find out about that, and I feel that I need to see my other tutor for the same subject now because whole of last term I regularly consulted her over my project on the National Maritime Museum, so how is it looking now that the subject got pushed to next term?

I want to do that soon because I already am so embarrassed I lost out on the opportunity to secure accommodation for the long term, when she (the same tutor) so very kindly offered to help me out with it last year because the experience was so traumatic for me, but I couldn’t take the offer up, since I had already found a place in halls by then. I had no idea back then that the accommodation office would be so rigid, all the time, but they are all about only following the rules, I think. I am already trying to picture which subjects to take along with Event Management (Project Management), next term, which kicks off early next week.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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