A Fun Term Break

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New faces and old busy crowds…

Today is yet another Orientation Day. I have seen so many of them since starting uni, and it is always a very busy day for so many new kids. As days go by and I get more academically and professionally successful, more and more students keep enrolling at my uni. That is what is one of the popular thoughts of the day, which I suppose is good. Most students imagine they can survive college but so few get a first class (in their degree) here, even though they always get straight As in each and every of the modules – when you check out the other kids’ marks when the tutors so proudly share them in the class, it doesn’t take getting of rocket science, to figure it out. I don’t think any of those kids want to be like me at all, and I am very proud of it. I have a mix of good grades, not simply straight As like them, but I am heading towards a 2:1, so what’s not there to totally be proud of myself?

At college, there is no exposure for me of kids coming from community schools or charter schools. They come from a diverse selection of backgrounds though: some have their own cars, some share their cars, some drive to college and some socialize too much (+ nothing else). I don’t mix with people like that really because I am very uncomfortable around them – college to me is about living independently, finally, not doing small talk with freaks. I find them freakish because these students drive to college, they never take the public transport – is it so tough for that many to find a place close to uni? I don’t think so, because so many kids graduate from my uni never having lived outside of halls, or switching accommodation, even.

It’s no longer the eighties, and school is more fun…

I think the experience makes them feel comfortable because every kid at my college is most definitely not independent, like me (I’m an individual!). I do not like the idea of never having to switch accommodation because that’s not what the college experience is about. I don’t know how to explain this but I have a rabid fear of publicly looking like I am being spoon fed or my apron strings still need to be tied for me during dinner, rather than do it myself. I would be lying if I said I’m not looking for a place for a while at least because I cannot just do sudden and last minute. I just cannot and that’s not how the system at college is supposed to work: I mean just look at the course selection matter! The moment we choose courses for each and every term, with it bundled up we get the timetable + the tuition fees for the modules we choose, that we must pay before the Final Exams (to sit for them, really), or if it’s happening late, I think, within the first two months of the term.

The halls (on campus accommodation) experience has been lovely for me because my room was nice enough, the staff (wardens, house cleaners, maintenance workers, etc.) are friendly and helpful, I got a chance to ride the shuttle bus every time I had to attend class, rather than just save it for town or whenever I needed to go to the NW library, but it’s definitely not suitable for me for the long term. I do not think I will be missing anything, no, and the washroom reeks of unhygienic practices, regularly for too long now, so I am very happy to be able to say goodbye to all of that, indeed. The oddities just keep on rolling: yesterday, I saw people sleeping in the Interior Architecture room, and I had never before seen students sleeping in class with their sleeping bags. I was so confused I asked the librarian about what is happening there but she told me she had like no idea. Wow! Some students can just sleep in the class at NW any time of the day…

I feel this Orientation Day should be about bigger matters to senior students, like me, because I cannot participate in those celebrations meant only for new students. So many kids are already busy with activities at uni, like me, even though it’s term break, and it’s been a very good experience seeing them be so much active, like me, in that sort of extracurricular manner, too. On Wednesday, which was just yesterday, when I was in SW Block A, I saw the Vice Chancellor (again) and other senior staff members, busy with people at my college, I do not recognise. I have lost count of just how many times I have seen the Vice Chancellor so far, and I doubt every kid at college had that privilege; before him I was just behaving totally proper and courteous, with a megawatt smile plastered on my face…


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