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Where to even begin having a fun socializing experience at college?

As a fresher at uni, one of the most sordid experiences you can have is to never find anyone to socialise with. I have fortunately never been part of that crowd who had that difficult episode to face as a new life began for them at college.

But often times it is one of the primary concerns students have about college: what if they are unable to make any friends at all, during their time there?

A couple of good ways to make friends at college, I believe, is to find clubs and societies to join. As a student, most kids come to college with a varied range of interests they have already cultivated in school: football, anime, cricket, debate, charitable work, developing new learning skills in a social environment, swimming, netball, rugby, music, dancing, basketball, being passionate about the environment, photography…the list is endless, and chances are that your college will also cater to a good proportion of these interests for students to actively participate in throughout each term.

If you find that what you normally count as a hobby, such as “cooking spaghetti” isn’t included as a club/society, then the ideal way to build a hefty contact book (a.k.a. socialise) would be to take up a new craft, which appeals to you. Now, would be the perfect time, to maybe learn, table tennis or judo or lacrosse, and meet likeminded people to socialise with, and have a ball?

But just exactly how dependable are these experiences at college when you really want to be a social butterfly?

I think sometimes one of the most harmful aspects of socialising can be when you cannot manage that life, when you are lucky enough to find it. From my first year at college, I properly socialised with kids from all across, be it the ones I meet at college, to fellow leaders in various fields – I always believed that I am a leader in voluntary work, and I found it effortless to socialise with young boys and girls that were prominent in a life outside of academia too, and it didn’t really always include for clubs/activities or in sports, it also meant that were pleasant to hang out with, for their distinct sociable characteristics.

Often, no matter at tennis championships or at college, you will meet kids huddled up with their own crowd, while you are still yet to find yours and this can end up making you feel horrifically lonely. But gathering friends wisely (I do that all the time because I am also very picky in relationships!) is worth it because then you never feel that you have compromised on anything and the friends you make are special enough for you to actually maintain for a lifetime. I have also seen kids totally lose their cool when they meet new kids at college – they completely forget about their past life back in school, and this can go from cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend with someone you just met at college, to replacing your school gang with a new set of friends at college. What shockers!

I have never felt a pull towards those dirty deeds, in my life, and I think a part of that is because I am a leader in voluntary work. I think that when you have an electrifying experience with a new kid (or a new bunch of kids), as you are trying to build your social crowd, it’s very easy to feel that your new crush/friend at college is flawlessly perfect. To an external observer like me, who is totally secure in their bubble as a leader, I find that I cannot think the same things: usually these spontaneous crushes/friends are short, stout, a dude who wants to look like Channing Tatum at college (how uncool!), absurdly exotic, total morons or just simply ugly.

But if Skins are to be believed, and I don’t really see why not…then those are exactly the kind of boys, young girls sometimes get attracted to, and vice versa, but is that experience really ever worth it? I doubt it since they appear to be void of pleasantness and looks, which is why it’s so hard to understand that logic sometimes, as a leader, because so many good boys I socialise with can easily come and provide that experience for me (if I was up for it!) within a manner of a couple of seconds. I don’t understand why I must waste my time with all of those thoughts because my eyes can only find them physically repulsive, in every way.

These tragic romances or potential frenemies (joking!), once their “hypnotic charm” leaves you, like maybe in another term or two, are really not an overwhelming trend. It is only a small fraction of the kind of socialising, kids can expect at college because socialising at college is genuinely total fun all.the.time: most of the time, for me, it is the beer garden or the social areas at my college, a good book, work, cold soda, social networking, and a huge crowd chattering away animatedly all around me to keep me company, as I work on making my contact book, heftier and more fun, by the minute.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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