The Culture Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to Indo-Aryan people (a portion of Indo-European language speaking natives, like the Aryan languages), and formerly it used to be a jewel of the “British Raj”

Bangladesh is a tropical country, with hot and humid summers, regular monsoons, and a feeble winter. The primary language in the country is Bengali (a derivation of Sanskrit), although English is widely spoken. The Bengali language occasionally shows very strong slants of influences from the Arab world, and this Islamic nature of the language greatly differs from the Hindu-dominated nature of the Bengali language in West Bengal. Furthermore, the British Raj also did the unthinkable and contributed words of the English Language to Bengali when it had colonized Bangladesh in the past, and ruled the land. This legacy has been carried forward in modern times with Bengali people’s speeches getting littered with English words, for words that are always in use by Bengalis in their day-to-day lives. Bengali is still the state language of Bangladesh, however, because the moderate Muslim country is very different from India (with its Hindu-majority), where one state cannot understand another state’s language, despite the similarities, so adopt English as a spoken language of sorts, to communicate effortlessly (inclusive of native slants) with each and every state.

A Glorious Spring

Bengali culture is enormously sprinkled with Eastern European and Arab influences: cultural icons include fakirs and practitioners of Shamanism (people who can communicate with the spirit world, and fork out energies from that world into this world). There is also, sometimes similarities with Indian cultures, because mystic minstrels hailing from Bengal, Bauls, are common sightings in Bengali culture. Folk aspects of Bengali culture means that there is a blend of music, dance and literature, originating in the Muslim world, the classical Hindu world, and the Western world. In Bangladesh, most businesses are operated by families but the state structure isn’t independent from Western corporate and political empires, attempting to exert their policy influence for the advancement of this developing economy, with a very high HDI (Human Development Index) of 0.570. Bangladesh, thus has medium human development, much like India, Egypt, Indonesia, Palestine, Philippines, Morocco, South Africa, Iraq, Vietnam, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Guyana and Micronesia. Meanwhile, in amazing Bangladesh, it is very perfectly polite to eat with cutleries, and often food is shared from one single dish; my favourite is pepperoni pizza, every single time.

A Glorious Spring

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