Marchesa Resort 2017

The Marchesa fashion show was about beautiful power dressing

For Resort 2017, Marchesa was inspired by a cult classic from Martin Scorsese: Casino. This 1995 film, which starred Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone in the lead, is one of the many where both Martin and Robert have collaborated together to create amazing cinema. The film is based in Las Vegas and it revolves around a casino. The casino is supervised by the Italian mafia, and Rothstein (Robert De Niro) is cherry-picked for his violent ways to administer it. He also has a haughty (and plotting) wife, Ginger (Stone) and a mobster by the name of Nicky (Pesci) to worry about in the film.

The clothes from Marchesa (in Resort 2017) aren’t supposed to be a debauchery of luxe, a celebration of electronic music, a recreation of eighties funk, and crazy (and hungover) bus rides to Atlantic City. The British fashion house was aiming for more of a classic-type-of-nighlife at a casino, where women are allowed to celebrate expensive fashion and tonnes of Italian accessories, manufactured of pure gold. So, the imagination is running wild where traps like to live, and over there you will find a whole lot of enigmatic jewels, beads and sequins.

Women from this side of the seventies and eighties have to have fairytale glamour, when all around there is only a flexing of multicolored vandalism. These women are lucky and they are powerful enough to have rules bent around them. Thus, by stark contrast, they are also so far from the typical Las Vegas stereotype of a woman sitting at the slot machines hoping to get lucky. This season, everything was so eyeball-grabbing and soft – the clothes are typical Marchesa, which is amazing because over the years Marchesa has turned into my go-to-label for picking favourites for the red carpet.

Feathers, plunging necklines, bejewelled sheets which sweep the floor, frocks that have been embellished with pearls, even though they already sport fringes, both full tiered and ball skirts, and handcrafted embroideries in the shape of flowers, are some key looks of the collection. My personal favourite for Resort 2017 from Marchesa, would definitely be the hot pink tiered gown – it looked like something out of a Charles Perrault fairytale!


Author: Osmi Anannya

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