Top 3 Superhero Couples

Did your favourite superheroes make the cut?

Superheroes fall in love all the time, like any of us but the lives these couples lead are very different from atypical “Hollywood love dramas”. It is a little bit hard to identify with the Hollywood romance department sometimes because most stars exchange boyfriends, like if it was their collection of jeans or something. As much I totally adore the concept of a #playboy, I still think that in Western society it would do so much good to show some conformity to traditional values too, occasionally, for romance. What is wrong with enjoying some good old classic romantic stories, in the flesh, once-in-a-while? Is it really that tough of a bargain? I want to think no. Pretty soon, if the news-affairs-hype is strong enough…who knows? Maybe “freaky” debates, such as “pop is uncool” and “stars are no longer stars because all get gazillions of awards, making them super-uncool critic-favourites” will also massively follow for a change. But meanwhile, there is always the superhero universe to fall back on, where everything does happen to the deepest of your desires, if you know how to happily get starry-eyed and pick just the right favourites.

Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman

The Wedding Day Of Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman

The overarching theme for Fantastic Four has been a family of four. Reed (Mr. Fantastic) and Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) are a married couple, with a troubled romance because Sue is only attracted to Reed’s many nemeses, and Reed only has time for science. But despite how it goes for love in superhero-universe, a lot like Hollywood, the couple have survived against all odds to become a dependable romantic couple. Think about it: the two have had polar opposite stances for the Civil War, and Reed has zero emotional gravity, whilst Sue harbours various unreasonable passions for Reed’s nemeses, but the two are still deeply in love, have a lot of meaningful trust, and have also survived some of the highest catastrophes in the world, together, as a couple. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman’s differing nature makes them depend on each other over their separate weaknesses: Reed can be the robot, when Sue can be passionate, and the two are always strong only together.

Magneto & Wasp

Magneto And Wasp Get Steamy

I found this the strangest couple of all-time: the enigmatic Magneto, once upon a time, had a one-night stand with Wasp. Magneto then wakes up the next day to find out that Wasp isn’t madly in love with him at all. Instead, Wasp reveals that she thinks Eric (Magneto) kisses beautifully. But the romantic moments between Magneto and Wasp are some of the steamiest around…talk about a tragedy!

Cyclops & Jean Grey

The Infamous X-Men Couple: Cyclops And Jean Grey

Cyclops’ first love was the self-centred Jean Grey, who’s first love was instead her friend and fellow X-Men member: X-Man Angel. When she dies, Cyclops leaves X-Men and falls in love with a woman who looks a whole lot like Jean, which he later discovers to be Jean’s copy and also a central figure to his nemesis: Mr. Sinister. The first couple of years in X-Men focused on the relationship between Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey. Jean comes back to life once more in X-Men, and this time she goes on to get married to Scott Summers, only to die again, and remain holed-up in a universe that is home to Phoenix hosts (the Phoenix Force twice killed Jean Grey). Following his wife’s death, Scott Summers ends up with the bad-girl-turned-good Emma Frost, with whom he was having a telepathic affair, while Jean was still alive. Scott and Emma have been leading X-Men since then, and although the two brokeup in the past, they never stop being friends, and they are also the two hosts of the Phoenix Force; this part gets a little bit confusing because the older Scott that engaged in affairs with Jean and her clone, is also dead but, without a doubt, in the end, there is nothing in the world that is more delicious than Jean Grey’s relationship with Cyclops for her egotistical personality.


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