The Rhetoric Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump is racking up one faulty campaign point after another

If Hillary Clinton wins, then that would mean a pretty historic third term for the Democrats. But if Donald Trump wins, that could mean a problem for security in the United States, it could mean that Donald Trump is going to get into office without explaining why he feels Clinton deserves all the hype surrounding her is because she is a woman, and a disappointment for several GOP senators, governors, and so on. One of the most prominent critics from the Republican Party has been Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, who was hoping for a more polite and honourable campaign from Trump, and has refused to back the leading Democrat nominee, but has cited Trump’s rhetoric on Hispanics, the disabled and women, as reasons for him withdrawing his backing from Trump.

In a somewhat similar tone, senior Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky has also suggested Trump attack people he has competed with in the past less, along with minority groups, and contribute to ideas on how to improve America more. But that seems next to impossible for so many because Trump has always been about vicious verbal spats: over Mexicans, Muslims, President Barack Obama (for being a Muslim born in a foreign country, which is a very popular American opinion), women and Asian accents.

I am not even going on about Trump’s massive controversies surrounding the concept of “Muslims (or the immigration of Muslims) for the United States of America”, and how all of these nonsense-opinions on Muslims is going to be received globally, in particular in countries that count Muslims as a majority of the population, such as Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, if Donald Trump is elected as the next President. Does he want global opinion to run in a negative direction about how the GOP (and if elected, maybe even the White House) likes to look at Muslims in America? I doubt that sentiment alone can be looked upon at positively in nations, whose population figures dictate that the majority are Muslims, and this can really dent positive ties with these nations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Trump has said that he feels unhappy about the criticism directed at him from GOP figureheads, and says that he has won more votes than any in the Republican Party, ever. Trump feels that he can handle it all and wants to push ahead charging against Clinton now for a change, but is it too little too late? And which rhetoric amongst all the many campaign mishaps that he has made in his political career, so far, does he want to avoid for the future? One good point he does make about immigration from New Mexico to the United States, is that Syrian refugees are hiding in Mexico, and massive numbers of them. On Clinton, Trump has stated that she shouts and makes him go totally mad, and that really isn’t a very sharp political criticism, filled with bountiful amounts of passion and energy like he is known to exhibit and rack up so much trouble.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee, and Barack Obama’s former contender during the elections in 2012, has also stepped out with criticism over Trump. Romney has called Trump a con, artificial, anti-feminist and a browbeater. Romney also believes that Trump’s policies will dent America’s economy very badly and that his foreign policy would contribute to an unsafe future for America and the whole world. He then went on to take down Trump’s business ethics, stating that his business concepts have jammed smaller businesses and the people that have worked for them, even going on to state that Trump, according to Romney, is not so talented in trade.


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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