Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik: The New IT Couple

When two worlds collide in romance, what is a girl to do? Let’s just imagine…

My first memory of Gigi Hadid is perhaps that photo shoot she did for Vogue, where she recreated Anna Wintour’s first ever Vogue cover, adding a youth angle to it. That is one of my all-time favourite magazine covers from the ’80s, so to see it get recreated featuring Gigi was a truly insane experience. Gigi, is without a doubt, an up-and-coming model, having been cited as a rookie by Sport’s Illustrated (2014), referenced as “Fashion’s Popular Girl”, and also because she has walked the ramp for brands such as Chanel and Max Mara. Fashion aside, the 21-year-old model is also known to make waves with her dating life: Gigi has dated music artist Cody Simpson (and even starred in his music video) and Joe Jonas (off the Jonas Brothers), in the past. I don’t remember much catching either of those two romantic episodes on the gossip waves, I have to admit, but I do vaguely remember Jonas’ infamous romance with Taylor Swift (Gigi’s BFF), back in 2008.

The Makeup Bag & Goss


Gigi has been photographed an awful late with Zayn Malik, these days. I remember checking out Zayn’s single “Pillowtalk” (from his debut solo album “Mind of Mine”) after he quit One Direction, and I don’t count it as music I want to really have around. Zayn, shockingly, quit One Direction because he wanted to exchange his celebrity life with something more ordinary – the news broke at the heels of the 23-year-old taking a hiatus from a touring episode with the band, owing to stress. But apart from that, the only time I have noticed him in the press was when he was photographed with Gigi Hadid. If reports are to be believed, then Gigi and Zayn, are going very strong, despite the public “breakup-and-makeup-and-breakup-and-makeup”. Gigi and Zayn fought regularly on her birthday, they have had troubles over correspondence and accommodating each other in their lives. During breakup, Gigi is known to grow sad, and she has moments in her life when she yearns for Zayn because of their formerly close relationship, and attempts to rework the relationship another time.

The last time I had read about such a fuss happening over Zayn Malik’s private life was when he was engaged to Perrie Edwards. Zayn and Perri broke off the engagement late last year, after dating for four years but rumours are circulating that one of the singles from his album is about Perrie. It’s titled “iT’s YoU” and the music video stars a blonde Balenciaga model, sporting thick black eyeliner or wearing a bikini, and the music video is rumored to be Zayn’s reflective thoughts over the breakup. But that’s all in the past now, and clearly the absurd “triangle” never appealed to me much, without Gigi thrown into the angle: it must be a very hurtful experience to have your boyfriend proclaim all this publicly about his ex, when Gigi does not shy away from displaying a whole lot of PDA, with Zayn. She has filled in the breakup spaces, with a greater amount of candour in her conversations with Zayn and apparently breakups in the two’s relationship are fueled by intolerable lies by Zayn. I think the two make an interesting-enough couple to constantly read about when hungry for gossip, but apart from that, it looks very atypical Hollywood romance for Gigi, to me: short-lived, (suddenly) confused and filled with too many adjustments – I’m really a big fan of not one of those types of romances there!


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