Those Socializing Days…

Oh! Am I the only one that ever experienced those hideous days of socializing, with the super-fun moments too? The fun is winning, though…

In school, one of the first priorities that you have is getting good grades. Naturally, if you aren’t an abnormal kid, then you also have yearnings to make friends, to socialize, to have a ball, to enjoy your hobbies (reading, for me)…because as the saying goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I have seen that a lot of people don’t have this attitude to school-life: in my experience, they come from very small towns, with small mindsets. But that’s for uni, and nowhere, in my opinion, can you experience more of this than during Fresher’s Week. I do like the idea of having a ball making new friends as a fresher, alongside obviously having a grand time socializing because I do not ever want to end up as Jack. But that is not how everyone wants to dictate their life…at least that’s what it looks like to me: some look at Fresher’s Week as a way to make out with uglies (“pull”) because they are finally gonna get some, some look at it as an opportunity to do drag, drunk, whilst others just want to look hideous in a tutu, just because they can.

What To Wear: House Parties


I can kind of comprehend the thought behind it: many women must think it is alright to not shave their legs, as the lyrics to All American Girl (one of my most favourite songs!) by Train, will let you know. I find that attitude disgusting, not the fact that girls should attempt to look good, naturally. I do not find the idea of having makeup on your face throughout the day, five-days-a-week, an entertaining thought, but that is what the concept of beauty is to so many young women, because frankly they are just not concerned with what constant makeup on your face will ever do to your skin. If you even attempt to poke that argument, if you even try to inspire them (in an effort to socialize at school) that at least these women should do it for the boys they want to date because my life taught me, so beautifully, that great boys always like/love pretty girls, the drama these women exude at those words is neverending. First, they insinuate that they will get that boy with makeup on their faces, and when they are 40 years old and married to them, their great boys won’t even care they look permanently ugly having given so little thought to their skin before when they were young, because he is already married to her.

Something inside of me just wanted to grab her and tell her to her face that no man in town ever gives up their love for pretty girls, marriage or no marriage. I mean, why would they? And why should they? I can never even entertain the thought that when I would be 40 years old, that all the boys that like me/love me/are my mates/are my best mates are fat white boys, who have just totally let gone of themselves and now look like so hideous because they just cannot be bothered anymore. It’s too gross to even consider…now, I know so many girls at school exude they can so keep a boyfriend with early-editions-of-that-attitude, because obviously they are almost always fake, they accompany them to practically every night out like a clingy (and suspicious lady), and then there is the whole art of how abnormal that looks because most of the time these ladies don’t really bother socializing with their boyfriend’s friends, a single one of them, and when they do, it’s just to impress their guy. But that’s just all about the beauty…one other point that I found highly absurd is that many boys and girls just don’t get socializing.

I think that when you see a face you recognize in your town post a lot of months graduating from school, because they are formerly from your school, the least you can do is be nice, polite, and say a fast “Hey, dude!” and go about to whatever you were doing, like, let’s say heading shopping. But no…the first natural reaction they have to you is to pretend to act like they never even knew you, when they spent everyday for a pretty long time looking at you, given you went to the same school and all, and then there is also the socializing as an entire school-group-of-friends, that everyone knew off. I experienced this myself, and sometimes I wonder if it is because I never agreed to the kind of dates my mates had – I just didn’t want to associate myself with boys like that! These girls are desperate for them, and the guys feel the same. I really don’t want to be friends with boys who don’t think I am important enough now that they have a girlfriend after so much trouble at being able to score (Clearly! Because most of them couldn’t score at the earlier part of their totally grownup school years, when so many boys had!) because believe it or not! this is the truth!

I was these boys’ mates long before they even met their girlfriends, and I was consistently mates with them, all throughout my school days, unlike every other girl I ever knew from school (inclusive of all the girls I would socialize with, and I wouldn’t label that as something that can be classified as an effort, like for so many other girls I socialized with because I find rudeness without a reason, very unpleasant) who would just very rarely socialize with them. I was these boys’ mates first, so naturally, I should be a bigger priority in their lives, not their new girlfriends. That’s just how I roll, and I am so bloody popular being real and being myself, all.the.time, so…period. I have to be honest here…I would socialize with the dudes as much as my calendar would allow me – I also have grades, work, washing, shopping, my pets, mates from my childhood, myself, watching The Simpsons, and so on to think about. I just cannot afford to be like their clingy girlfriends, it is really asking too much, and they never even exude they were looking for that quality in a mate, until after their girlfriends enter their lives, pretty much, and that also so vigorously! Whatever! I want to say that’s a whole socializing effort down the drain but I don’t really want to…I want to call it a great socializing experience, and nothing else because that’s what it was. I have such beautiful memories of friendship, and school, and even now they just keep piling on, so naturally, I don’t want to soak in that deep ***t. At least, I am never rude without a purpose…


Author: Osmi Anannya

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