Fat Pig’s Love For Hard Boiled Eggs

Fat Pig’s third diary entry

Mr. Brown and Fat Pig are getting ready for Whale’s dinner party. The two are no longer talking to each other because of Fat Pig’s behaviour at the supermarket. Mr. Brown was very humiliated by his own son for food he desperately craves but Mr. Brown does not permit him to have. Fat Pig, in the end, cried loudly for thirty minutes in his chosen supermarket spots before the lady who operated one of his favourite food stores, took pity on his tears and invited him to her home, for her delicious cooked meals, next week.

With that invitation, Pig stopped crying because secretly he knew there was a way out of his misery: Pig was going to develop a friendly relationship with Mrs. Susan (the owner of his favourite food joint at the supermarket) and let her cook daily meals for himself for free (and maybe even Hot Dog, too). Who knows? Because if things go well, Mrs. Susan might be the Singaporean aunty he never had, like that mother-figure or father-figure, who knows when to be strict and when to totally cuddle their favourite kid in the whole universe. And when that happens, Mrs. Susan, at the special request of none other but Fat Pig, will magically create a Cantonese dinner arrangement in Chelsea for all of his school friends, especially Hot Dog.

Fat Pig: I better hurry! I must go to Hot Dog’s house, before Brown!…I also have to tell Dog the story, first…(running out of his home and on the street)…HD! Hi there buddy!

Hot Dog: You alright? Woah! What are you wearing?

Fat Pig: A Cantonese food-print tie, paired with my crisp white shirt and brown trousers, which I have accessorized with a golden belt.

Hot Dog: Fancy! Do you want to come in now or something because I haven’t even started selecting what to wear for tonight? If you do, then you must officially re-enter my household at 8:00pm again!

Fat Pig: That’s alright! But I gotta tell you something first…

Mr. Brown: Fat Pig!!! Get back in the house right now! Sorry Hot Dog, for letting Pig bother you! We will come back at 8pm, like our invitation asked us to!

Fat Pig grumbles and follows his father back to their home…..

Whale’s second diary entry

Whale is busy checking for the umpteenth time if the preparations for the party are alright, when he notices a letter in the letterbox. Whale picks up the letter and finds that it is a couple of stickers Jack has mailed Hot Dog, of various kinds of vegetables he finds interesting even though they taste vile in the the flesh, such as cucumber, sweet potato, kale and turnip. Smiling, the nosey Whale slides the letter from Jack through Hot Dog’s door, for her to enjoy…

Jack Sr.’s first diary entry

In Jack’s household, Jack Sr is checking if the television transmission is alright for the big game they have to all catch over the weekend. The thought of four people in a cramped (and dusty) salmon living room, that oddly always smells of nachos only because of the two youngest in the group of sports enthusiasts, Jack and Hot Dog, makes Jack Sr. ring Whale and ask what has been the latest in their kids’ lives, as a pre-appetizer sort of a talk before the dinner party.

Jack Sr: I was so upset when my son told me “I love my idol more than you!”

Whale: Really? If I even get my hands on the person who thought these stories were funny around Hot Dog.

Jack Sr: I know! My son’s idol doesn’t even know who my son is but Jack gets nothing at all!

Whale: Oh! That’s a much better story! Did I tell you about the time, Hot Dog knitted me a pair of mismatched Snoopy socks…just because…I don’t have any socks that doesn’t come with holes?

Hot Dog’s third diary entry

Hot Dog can hear Jack Sr. screaming through the phone about that idol incident again, which makes her text Jack, asking him to bring it up during dinner tonight. Anxious about how dinner is going to go, the three kids sigh heavily all at the same time, individually.

Time to party…

At 8:00pm, the doorbell at Whale and Hot Dog’s house chimes: it is Jack Sr. and Jack. The two are about to go into Whale’s brown living room, when another doorbell chimes and it’s Mr. Brown and Fat Pig.

In Whale’s brown living room, Hot Dog serves the guests fried prawns and chilli sauce to dig into as the first set of appetizers. Hot Dog is wearing her favourite emerald green jumper dress, with a pair of woolly booties, flaunting faces of Snoopy. Jack tried his best to be both casual and smart, so he is wearing a red/white Christmas jumper with brown trousers and black shoes.

Jack Sr: These prawns are delicious! So tangy but succulent!

Whale: I know! I mastered the recipe from a book by Gordon Ramsay.

Mr. Brown: Oh my…where did you get the time to fit that in?

Whale: Since Hot Dog came into my life, cooking has become my passion.

Jack Sr: That is just perfect for Hot Dog! My son, Jack just loves every dish I make for him!

Jack (interrupts): No, I do not!

Jack Sr: Yes, you do! Don’t interrupt me when I am talking to Whale! If you have to do something, then why not just learn how to talk to Whale from my conversations with him?

Jack: I don’t want to!

Whale: You do not want to?

Jack: Nope! think I can talk just fine all by myself!

Jack Sr: Son, are you trying to be funny?

Hot Dog: I think he’s just bored of three adults talking. Maybe we three kids can watch what’s nice on television now?

Whale: Sure!

Fat Pig: I love the prawns, Mr. Whale! Did you ever try my Singaporean aunty’s hard boiled eggs, hard boiled to perfection?

Hot Dog: Your what?

Mr. Brown: …………….wot?

Jack: I think these prawns are tasty, yeah! How much of it is HD’s contribution? She did most of the work didn’t she?

Whale: Boiled eggs that are perfect…but not by me for HD?

Fat Pig: Oh yeah! They actually can be served in my favourite way – sliced in the middle to perfection by my loving aunty. The yolk is deliciously yellow and there is just something about those hard boiled eggs that can never have any comparison! It really cannot! They are perfect boiled eggs, they really are!


Author: Osmi Anannya

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