What Can Trump Mean For The Middle East?

A victory for Donald Trump has pulled out so many questions that it’s hard to begin: what will this mean for the USA and the Middle East is one of those important questions that is poised to spell trouble rather than broker peaceful (and positive) political relationships.

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Pressing rewind on the nuclear deal inbetween Iran and the United States, for example, is going to not only be a catastrophic (and horrendous) wrong, but also act as a narrow path to peaceful understandings between the two countries. The deal had managed to steer precisely that – peaceful understandings, for a country other than Saudi Arabia, for the United States, for once, and no good sense can really ever be made out of a Republican move against it, simply because the deal was overseen by the Democrats previously. Israel, quite similarly is naturally often looked upon as a US ally but like for other predominantly Muslim nations, such as Egypt, Bangladesh and Malaysia, given Donald Trump’s insensitive nonsense about Muslims and how this could also be thought of as a previous lack of interest in cultivating good ties with Islamic countries, the correct deduction from it all would be that Palestine might face hardships on a day-to-day level because of Israel (and it’s further reinvigorated relationship with the US) once more and this simply cannot be – it would be another catastrophic mistake on Trump’s part because the Israel-Palestine conflict should be on the path to peaceful resolution, and hopefully even a multi-faith reconciliation in the Middle East. Furthermore, the general idea about the Syrian conflict for the Trump administration should be that Assad in power in Syria would be a bad idea because the conflict that has happened with him in power has been responsible for a lot of bloodshed. Although, Trump has maintained that he is not pro-invasion for Syria, which is so great, perhaps a deeper idea of why rather than fork it out completely, negotiations (with Assad’s regime) would be the better alternative to reaching a peaceful end to the Syrian conflict when harbouring new (and good) ties with Russia since it would really spell more effectively democratic.

Author: Osmi Anannya

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