The Mistletoe & Your Ideal Boy

It’s Christmas season and I feel festive. Gifts, wrapping paper, Santa Claus…and ofcourse a mistletoe. I can keep going on and on about Christmas and how I am pretty certain I made Santa’s nice list this year, but what about the mistletoe? I think it is the most annoying thing in the world sometimes because when it hangs over your head and you are right next to a boy you must kiss him, and there is like no way out of it. It’s one of those moments that you dread a little bit because what if the guy next to you is a total geek, or a fat white boy, I mean who wants to kiss those? Sure, a peck on the cheek is totally fine but lip locking with just any dude because of a mistletoe hanging on top of your head (you just ended up at that spot while walking around with your girl mates at a houseparty, and didn’t notice and now you must kiss a boy standing there with you) is really just too much.

I want to be able to choose, like any other girl except perhaps that I would only date, and other girls would only want that beautiful white wedding with a boy, they have dreamt all their life. Things can be a little bit different like that. I feel that most women want a sociable guy, or a really masculine guy, or a brooding older man. I think those would be the top three on most women’s list because they are just so perfect for their romantic ideals of feeling the need to be protected, or have a man in their life they can have a lot of laughs with, they are so well-experienced, so wise and mature, they look like you will for sure have a lot of fun times in store if you date them, and they are just so much of a guy’s guy, you know – as a young woman, that’s probably what sounds good to you in theory.

They’ve never been my type. They are probably guys I would love to socialize with because they sound great, and I admit, I do enjoy socializing a lot but they aren’t dating material really. I think very few women want to date a sensitive boy or a really romantic boy – they are just so feminine-like to begin with. Naturally, every girl in town wants to date someone good looking, or good looking in a way that makes them feel like they would make a good pair looks-wise, like maybe both need to get fitter with a strict workout regimen, or be less geekier, but a romantic guy doesn’t seem like they would be everyone’s piece of cake.

I think my dating-type would be the romantic guy types. It’s all coconut heads everywhere, or a Ryan Reynolds – I mean, I know have never dreamt about my wedding and it’s really a good thing because dreaming of a chocolate mousse is less ridiculous. I am a lot more practical-minded, fit and also accomplished so I feel that the romantic types are always the ones to go for yeah, because it’s a good match that way, except when the chase involves romantic gestures I find so crazy…they are really nice, but they are still totally crazy, and I am pretty sure many women would have loved it tonnes like they show in all those Ryan Reynolds films but I always find it a little bit funny and then go totally clueless about what to do really with those romantic gestures, except maybe just talk about interesting things (?) . Come to think of it, the sensitive ones are pretty nice types because they are so caring. I wonder if those two types of boys may be smart too…


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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