Celebrities on Magazine Covers

The fascinating world of magazines

What is it about a magazine that is fascinating? Plenty. That would be one starting word. It really is great to see some of my favourite celebrities: models, actresses etc. etc. continue to score one magazine cover after another. It is their job after all so the whole process gets a little bit exciting every now and then to spot them in an enormous sea of like ‘globally random faces’. Models and actresses are very much expected to score magazine covers nowadays because earlier on it might have been so just for models (as a part of their job) but actresses aren’t so different anymore. Models and actresses regularly need to strive to be fit and look glamorous on magazine covers. Since Anna Wintour took over at Vogue, actresses appearing on the cover of fashion and women’s magazines have become like a norm around the world.

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After a point, the question does arise as to how important a magazine cover is to a celebrity’s career chart because what a magazine provides is, in the end, no different from what you can find online. This begs the question over the relevance of print in a wonderfully ever-growing digital age, and celebrities also have the ability to control their own image through social media these days, so what is the point of a magazine really? Print is tough to get hold of and that sounds like a tormenting thought but is it really when readers worship a celebrity? It isn’t so but those days are a thing of the past now because there has to be a lot more relatable nature to your favourite star these days, than simply being a leading star in Scrubs and there is only so very little time to do that for a celebrity on a magazine – several other factors go on to power play there to create a celebrity these days, as a result, from social media hashtags to an appetite to know more about a celebrity that really should be properly fed.

I think it is exciting because when you flip through a women’s magazine, what you expect to read, well at least what I expect to read is fashion news, celebrity news, celebrity interviews, amongst many things and sometimes, even though that is really rare, read about a whole different world: like maybe something indie, which I am not really familiar with. More often than not it is just this and that, this and that about art, which I don’t know why, strangely looks bohemian to my eye sometimes. I like to avoid spending time going through all of that as much as possible but sometimes it’s right there trying to grab your attention in a sea of absolutely random faces “in Gucci”, and I don’t know why it should be worth my time but it just looks like it’s supposed to be a thing somewhere on this planet.

Naturally, I like to look forward to everything to do with Hollywood but for me, reading a women’s magazine is so much more than all of that. It is about reading through selectively curated fashion items, learning about women doing great work everywhere, and good books that others talk about that I never really think of reading (unlike The Time Traveler’s Wife), but are still great as an-ancient-womens-magazine-reading-material. I love the digital age more than anything but I still feel it’s good to have something to read like a magazine every now and then because it is like an insight into a rather interesting (and diverse) world.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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