Blau visits a French House

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Blau is at a Parisian house. It is very long, and densely covered in fog. Blau has returned to the present era, with the help of her emerald serpent locket and it is no longer the forties. But after witnessing Natalie murder a man, Blau dispatched a soldier to get help from French authorities because an innocent life got barbarously killed. The French home looks strange to Blau – it stretches out what seems like miles in length and then suddenly stops. There are empty grounds all around it with a road infront, and another ground right opposite the road, where nearly all grass has been weeded out.

Blau remembers visiting this home as a child. She was only a young teenager when a daughter of a friend of her mother’s, Ella wanted her to accompany her there. Blau had no interest to travel all the way from Berlin to Paris for it but Ella’s best friend lived there and she really needed another person to travel with her, because without it her mother would not have allowed her to visit her friend in Paris.

Blau agreed to go with her because it was Paris and she had never been to that part of Europe in her life and the trip was long and very quiet for her. It suited Blau very much because even as a child the eerie journey to Ella’s friend’s home seemed so strange to her – that morning the sky was crystal clear but it was still grey enough. Blau has no idea if anyone lives in this house anymore, and as she waits for her friend Raj to appear in a black-and-golden chariot that brought her to the house, she begins to remember the past.

Twelve years ago…

Blau is sitting in a small carriage. It is colourfully adorned and has lush velvet seats in red. Ella is outside speaking to her friend’s relative, James. Blau can hear the two getting chatty very loudly, and it sounds like they are really happy to see each other after such a long time. She remembers her childhood friend Elijah at that point and how hurt he would feel when he would know that he cannot be there with her this moment in Paris. Elijah, to Blau has always been a funny boy, and she befriended him in school; the two often hang out after school is wrapped up, playing various kinds of board games and such but here during the weekend Blau is with Ella in Paris and she didn’t even get the chance to tell him all that before leaving.

Blau (thinks to herself): I think my favourite part about the journey is the carriage. It looks very nice!…Why am I always out meeting people, so young? I think it is like the perfect opportunity to daydream again. But really of all the interesting things I could be doing today. I could have even stayed at home and read a good book. That is what I really feel like I should be doing this young, no mater what on the weekends. I just don’t get how I keep getting myself into all these travelling episodes to meet my Mum’s friends and their kids and their friends, one after another. Maybe I shouldn’t have wrapped up my homework during the week. I…

Ella then pops her head in through the carriage window and introduces James to Blau. One thing leads to another, and before you know it Blau is inside a yellow-walled home. It is so enormous, it looks a bit crazy to Blau. Blau goes up a long stretch of marbled stairs thinking to herself that the house isn’t really pretty because the effect that it’s going for is grandoise rather than pretty. Before she can think to herself anymore, a lady greets her and Ella. She is dressed in a long cream dress, which she has paired with an embroidered sleeveless black jacket. The girl has long curly hair, she’s bespectacled and smiles in a very intriguing manner. She looks very innocent and happy to have guests. Ella tells Blau the lady is her friend, Abigail.

Abigail: Pipe down Ella! We have a new guest today! Are you Ella’s friend?
Blau: Ah!…yeah!
Abigail: Wow! I am so happy to meet you! I have heard so much about you! Why don’t you come up? We can chat more in my room.

Blau follows Abigail to her room and it looks like the room of a typical teenager – there are plenty of posters all around, her desk is very neat and tidy, and there is a small simple bed upon which Abigail tells Blau to sit and make herself comfortable. Blau feels like this is going to be another of those boring visits she often makes because of her politeness working up again, when Abigail starts to speak to her instead of Ella.

Abigail: So, your Blau? Am I right?
Blau: Yeah, I am!
Abigail: Ella is just going to be going up and down the corridor meeting my family! It’s been some time since she came for a visit!
Blau: Oh! Really?
Abigail: Yes! I wish there was a way that we could see each other more often but Ella lives so far away. I mean her home is in another French town, which I am pretty sure you would know already. It’s really hard to always come visiting for things like that.
Blau: I guess it is, yeah!
Abigail: Do you like listening to music?
Blau: I do, yeah!
Abigail: Really? Wow! What kind do you like?
Blau: I like mostly nineties-stuff!
Abigail: Oh! Do you? I love the nineties as well! I mean it’s a whole different scene out there these days for music!
Blau: It’s what?
Abigail: A whole different…it’s a little bit more fun these days than before!
Blau:…………………….yeah, I don’t get you!
Abigail: You don’t? Really? Are you…talking about…world music…there?
Blau: World Music? Gosh! No! I was talking about like music from the West! You know, like the whole MTV crowd and everything, with music videos and……….everything?
Abigail: I do understand what you are talking about yes! Have you seen my music album collection – it is so big I really don’t know what to do with it!
Blau: Ah! No, I haven’t seen it, no!
Abigail: Really? I will show them to you. It is made up of mostly world music. I am not sure if there is anything there that you would be familiar with but they are like classics to me!

Blau cannot remember anymore. Her memory is having trouble recalling what happened afterwards during the visit. She is trying hard to remember but to no avail. Some twenty minutes later Raj appears by the chariot-side. He is dressed in his usual white silk turban, with an all-white ensemble of a jacket and a churidar, which he has paired with a pair of brown leather chappals.

Blau:…Raj! What took you that long?
Raj: My dear! It will not happen again. It is a very busy day in Paris in other places around the town. It is hard to get here in the middle of crowds. It takes so much time!
Blau: Right! Do you know if the telegram we received in Berlin stated if a lady called Abigail still lives in this house?
Raj: Yes, it did! I think…

Just then, Blau notices a young boy is standing only a few feet away from her chariot and on the ground opposite the road infront of the French house. He is wearing a pair of faded and dirty jeans, and a long white pullover, which has an edgy belted design.

Raj: Who is that?
Blau: I don’t know!…ummm, who are you? You boy, who are you? Are you from here?
Boy: No I am not from this town! My name is Kahaan.
Blau: Your name is Kahaan?…where are you from?
Kahaan: I am from a village close to this town.
Raj: Do you know the French house there? The white one, right behind us!
Blau: No, he just said he isn’t from here!
Raj: No I know that! But why is he here all of a sudden? Do you, boy?
Kahaan: I don’t really know what you are talking about!
Blau: What?
Kahaan: I have the keys to the white house behind you. I can take you there!
Raj: Do you work there?
Kahaan: No! I am…they are my relatives.
Blau: Oh right! That’s brilliant! I have been daydreaming just at the thought of visiting the house again. Maybe you can take me in? Raj, you wait in the chariot for some time. I should…Kahaan?
Kahaan: Yes, I am here up on the rooftop. I will come and open the front door for you very fast. I was just checking if the plants in the house have been watered already. You are a guest. The house should be looking proper.
Blau: Wha? How did he go from here to the French house’s roof this fast? That looks physically impossible!
Raj (shudders under his breath): I know! It’s all getting so eerie!


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