Why It’s Totally Alright To Love Your Beauty Hookups

I love my time with beauty hookups: curling tongs, poker straight hair, and spending hours thinking if I should really get ballsy and try out purple lipstick. It’s a relaxing and refreshing time of the day in my life, when I get the chance to take a break from studies and explore beauty products which normally don’t take an instant to captivate my mind. I feel that my relationship with beauty is something sacred and so my POV towards all relationships to beauty is that it should also be something divine and filled with love. The whole experience should be about love not loathe.

But sometimes it’s loathe disguised as a necessity and I just do nothing but baffle-out-loud at the insinuation. I love baths. I really love creating a bubble bath when I can, which admittedly is hardly ever because it takes a lot of effort to create one that will not only actually prove to be calming but looks calming too. I love the feel of baths and I am very much an occasionally indulgent baths-person.

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A trip to the spa is overrated. Don’t get me wrong: I love the whole spa culture. A massage, oils you have never quite heard of, white towels…but I like it more as a novelty than a regular idea because it’s hard to fit in a monthly spa visit to Bourbon-Lancy because life is always busy-busy. I like the idea of spa massages and I could never even look at massages in a spa as something that you only do with a best mate, let alone relegate the whole “I-need-a-massage-babe” idea specifically to him.

It clashes with my whole thinking cycle because massages (which I think I would prefer in a spa) are purely me-time. I like the idea of oil smelling of precious Bergamot as a way to kickback and relax once-in-a-while; it is a great massage idea. There is nothing odd there about loving massages. In fact, I really don’t understand how a massage can be off-putting because I am pretty sure we all have those days of muscle aches because of busy-busy, and then what else but a spa comes to your rescue.

I also love beauty blowouts. Admittedly, they are too posh to put on most days and not-to-mention ridiculously expensive. But it’s still a great beauty hookup like manis and pedis. Having a beauty hookup means sitting still and daydreaming maybe even with a magazine, and walking out from the experience feeling beautiful. It might be momentary, solitary and even rather rare, and I might feel that it is a mental thought that is swirling around, which tries to invite me to make the hookups a regular thing (even though they are all so pricey) but I still love it. It really is such a great feeling to play around with manicures and pedicures because my nails look so enormously devilish it becomes my regular confidence boost – beauty hookups can never part with me-time for me.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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