The Indian Chat Show Brigade

I think Karan has finally woken up whilst interviewing “his celebs”…

Koffee with Karan seems to be getting livelier by-the-minute. I say ‘seems to’ because I have missed a dozen episodes already of season five and that’s like the cherry on top of another thing about how I never really watched Indian chat shows growing up. It wasn’t like it was Oprah or something, even though everything looked so glitzy and mad. o_O

I have to say I think it was a little bit mad and I am pretty sure all of that is still there being mad. I can actually vaguely remember Kareena (Kapoor) being such a hot favourite on chat shows back in the day. For Kareena there, once in particular for this “seriously celebrated episode”, I think it was something like about stars’ families (hers and all the people in it), and this movie role she did – she would like have a blast putting on what it felt like to be that woman in the movie actually in the chat show and the moment you get to this point, I instantly remember why I would avoid watching Indian chat shows altogether. 🐱 🐱 🐱

I don’t really quite enjoy that aspect of Bollywood culture where sometimes people adore a role Kareeena has played on screen so much, they want to dress, talk and (heaven forbid!) maybe even dance like her in real life because I don’t really get why would anyone want to willingly be so uncool. Kareena had so much adulation in chat shows, I think, but yet when that time came in her life in the early 2000s where she had a string of flops, there wasn’t really anyone there for her emotionally. I don’t think anyone ever pronounced it to be so but the chat shows had almost made it look like those were her industry friends back in the day. So tragic! XD

I think coming back to Koffee with Karan, I am quite happy to see Karan getting lively after putting on so much weight. It made me happy. One of my favourite moments from his chat show (of seasons past 🙄 ) was the little spat that had brewed inbetween Kareena and Bipasha. I think Kareena and Bipasha like to put their foot in their mouths sometimes: once both the actresses took it upon themselves to take potshots on the acting abilities of fellow stars, which I am pretty sure they are equipped to comment on as actresses (I mean, they also act) but it was like a moment where the idiot box was really being just that so well – an idiot box.

I want to say thank you for the fun times, Karan…keep on rolling! 


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