Best Journaling Apps

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The greatest apps in the market for writing your diary entries

One of the biggest tasks that you have daily is writing down your experiences for the day in a beautiful diary. It makes you feel good about daily activities, and also helps you reflect on what happens in your life everyday. Every day may not be an insomniac whirlwind – days go from mundane to exciting and vice versa and a diary comes in handy to record all those precious moments that make life so amazing.

Technology has made it easy to jot down your thoughts because not only is going digital a rather cost-effective alternative in our society for beautiful diary writing in comparison to the more traditional approach to keeping a diary (think: papers, ink and a crafty DIY diary you have put together yourself), it also aids ‘the paperless agenda’. Going digital with diary writing is also very well suited for people who love technology (like me).


Penzu is a great online app in the market for writing your diary entries. The app is cross-platform (supported for iPad, Android and iPhone as well) and the interface will quite simply take your breath away – it boasts a word count function, you can add images to your diary entries if you like and my favourite thing about the app is that it has a good range of text edit options for writing your diary.

Everyday (for iPad and iPod Touch)

The Everyday diary app is a simple diary option. I loved the personalization feature for it – there are a good range of themes there and there’s also a unique-looking stats (number of posts and words used), as well as reminders to jog your memory that it is time to write in your diary.

Moleskine Journal (for Android and iPad)

It’s a personal favourite because the app is a digital alternative to a traditional (and very amazing) Moleskine Journal. There are options to have several diaries, all stacked across a shelf-like space or as note patches which looks nice enough but my favourite features on the app are the page-like writing interfaces (lined-or-not), a sync feature with Evernote and the ability to scribble whenever and however I please.

JotterPad (for Android)

With JotterPad, you can write simple diary entries. My favourite feature in the app: it comes with a dictionary.

Momento (for iPad and iPod Touch)

If you like to keep a private diary then this is the app for you. One of my favourite features in the app is that it provides seamless connectivity with Spotify, Flickr, Medium and Moves to name a few, which will record your activities on all of the platforms, right into Momento.

Journey (for Google Chrome and Android)

With the Journey app, you can publish your diary thoughts to WordPress, and selected social networks, which I really liked the sound of but other than that it is a rather simple diary app, in comparison to it’s contemporaries.

Collect (for iPad and iPod Touch)

If you like to keep a photo-based diary instead of a traditional diary, then Collect is the app for you. You can add photos from Flickr and Dropbox if you like, apart from manually taking one with a camera. But the best thing about it is that the app lets you build your own collages.

DayJournal (for iPad and Android)

What I liked about DayJournal is that it comes with emojis. The interface is pleasantly uncluttered and there is also a magical route to learning what you were upto this time in the year past.

Quiller (for iPad and iPod Touch)

Quiller is an eccentric journaling app. My favourite features in the app are the enormously long range of fonts and the paper-feel of the writing space – this is also complimentary to how the app amazingly looks traditionally like a glorious diary.

Diaro (for Kindle Fire, iPad and iPod Touch)

I think Diaro is growing on me. The interface is uncluttered, the app boasts a customizable UI colour, and it is a pretty simple diary app but it’s really excellent for taking small (and fast) notes just when you need to.


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