‘Bring It On’ – that’s verbal spats to me

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I have never experienced bullying but some kids are just plain nasty and mental

Celebs acting like they are celebs and behaving like the normal day-to-day rules and regulations don’t apply to them isn’t an uncommon scenario. I think when you are in the public eye, it is very easy to get carried away with the idea that nothing can ever happen to you – that you are basically superhuman. You are not. You are still a human being bound by the shackles of the need to always practice keeping up rules and good performances in the public eye no matter what. In 1994, when Johnny Depp and Kate Moss were still dating, the two had a vicious spat and Depp started breaking everything in his hotel room and he was probably intoxicated during the episode – it even led to his arrest (Kate Moss wasn’t arrested) and it was actually in Depp’s nature to participate in violent acts. Depp had broken a lot of items in his very expensive hotel suite and he was shocked that he had to go behind bars for the suite-thrashing; he spent almost a day in prison before he got fined a huge sum and was told to stay out of trouble for six months.

What Johnny Depp had experienced was tragic – there is no doubt about that. You know, growing up I had been at the receiving end of a lot of people’s jealousy because I was born into privileges so many were not privileged to be born into. But this issue with jealousy only ever spiked up when I was in my doldrums somewhat. When I was in the doldrums, nearly everytime there would be verbal daggers thrown at you because people jealous of you had the chance to do that finally. My mum has always been very supportive of me during those times, and I did have my friends but that doesn’t mean that random kids I don’t know at all stopped being nasty because they got the chance. I didn’t experience bullying ever in the playground or school but I am pretty sure those nasty kids are bullies.

I think the expectation was there once that just because I was in the doldrums that there wouldn’t be any judgments going on thrown right at me because I was doing well in life – I mean, I was doing great work and I was just careless with my grades in really early 2015, which was a really horrible point in my life. I think, if I had even given it some thought, if I wasn’t that stupid about my academic performance, none of that would have happened. I had a very bad internship experience right before my academic grades sunk and I forgot to drop the subject for it so my academic performance sunk and it wasn’t even that alone – there was something there about missing an assignment in one of the subjects in the same term as the internship one that I should have explained for earlier on, that I was being very careless with before my academic performance sunk completely. It was a horrible experience: I began to think about how much of an idiot I looked infront of everybody because I genuinely never wanted to be a bad student. I actually wanted to do good in my studies from ever since I can remember.

After experiencing those difficulties where you feel like every kid must think so low of you because you did so bad in your studies and all around they are so excellent in theirs, coupled up with the fear of what to do with myself because I don’t know how I had ended up in that spot where every eye looking at you might be judging you and I cannot console myself at all that everything is going to be just fine – that only some late explaining of things will make everything alright, made it a horrible experience. Obviously, when your academic performance becomes low it’s not some matter you can hide because you are not supposed to do that bad in studies. It’s immediately out in the open and if you continue to be bad at your studies you might even get thrown out of uni – that prospect never happened to me because my academic performance sank twice, and twice is usually the allowed limit.

Right after that, when I was given the chance to prove myself once more I got a very high fever but I worked and worked and worked at my grades. I mean I studied like there was no tomorrow and now for four semesters after that I have been consistently doing very well in my studies. I want to improve faster than that and make absolutely all of my grades just fabulous but in three of those terms, I was affected because group assignments became suddenly like a singular responsibility, which was too much work for one person (me). But I have been doing great in my studies despite of it and I consulted my tutors about the assignment situation already, as well as talk about any other problems with them, I might be having that could act as a barrier to improving even more (like accommodation and everything which I had experienced before but are never again going to be a problem for me), so I feel really confident now; my tutors at my uni have always been really very amazing. I cannot get over how brilliant my grades have been for so long at uni now, and naturally my best mate, my mates, my dog and my mum are always on my team in everything I do, and they are always there to keep me very grounded and feeling constantly happy about it all.

What I learned from it all is to always win at verbal spats: kids who were nasty to me once immediately shifted tactic and began to act like they never even knew who I was even though I am so much more successful at every single thing in my life, than them. I mean, I am successful in my studies, and I am also a very successful blogger so I don’t understand why I should be taking any kind of rubbish from some kid who does not know their A to Z. They touch me when I am successful, even though I never speak to them and act rude. I mean, I do have a critical outlook to so many kids and their lives because my God! there are like a million things I disapprove of every single day, and it’s not even just for Hollywood celebs or something so I don’t get why these nasty bunch of kids act mental with me because I am so argumentative it won’t take me an instant to remind them their place in life and how they are totally oblivious to it and act like they are something else – they are not. They are not even a thing infront of me: I mean, a supermodel, a dropout-turned-billions-of-Grammy-winning-music-artist…they are just celebs and nothing else and you know what those billionaires are like – not very bright professionally, illiterate and with a profession that pays a lot despite it being an unintelligent career; I know celebs worked hard to get where they are in life but that does not mean they are very bright or have intelligent careers.

But still they are celebs that many cherish and worship. It’s a simple thing: I have my favourite celebs like Britney Spears (despite her total meltdown) and then there is Taylor Swift, who I just don’t really like. I think it’s totally alright to have your favourites in Hollywood: gosh! I can’t believe Britney actually cracked under pressure once…you should never crack under pressure…for one thing people (celebs included) are nasty to you. I never cracked under any kind of pressure myself…I like to have verbal spats, I like to criticize if that’s what a kid wants because they get nothing and act that way because I always love to win, I always win and I am just that cool in everything I do.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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