Hot Dog’s Worst Nightmare

Hot Dog is free to marry for love…

On a sunny winter’s day, Whale and Hot Dog are playing in their nicely pruned garden. It is a Sunday and he thought it would be the best idea to spend some quality time with his little baby. Hot Dog, on the other hand, is busy thinking about her worst nightmare: a marriage with a great boy dog and having his babies.

Hot Dog: Whale…I have been thinking!

Whale: Yes?

Hot Dog: It’s my worse nightmare and I never ever wish for it to happen but did you think I would ever end up as one of those unfortunate female dogs that grew up and only erm ever had babies?


Hot Dog: No, I was just wondering because a lot of girls in my school are becoming ‘teenage mother dogs’.

Whale: Well, that is their life, baby! It is never going to be your headache ever with me around!

Hot Dog: Really?

Whale: Yes, really! You also have your nan and your two pets. And you are only a little baby dog. And then you have school and…

Hot Dog: Well, what if I fail school?

Whale: Why will you fail school?

Hot Dog: I don’t know…what if I cannot finish school. Then what will I do?

Whale: You will get a job, maybe stacking shelves at a grocery store, like a good little kid. Plus, I am always there to look after you…

Hot Dog: You won’t be mad?

Whale: Why would I be mad?

Hot Dog: I don’t know. Sometimes I feel scared seeing Jack. You know, one dozen lady dogs in school have crushes on him and some of them are ‘teenage mother dogs’. I always find it hilarious but I would never want to end up as Jack with all his child-rearing responsibilities post a relationship, or even a marriage. I have also um like heard that he shamelessly likes that those lady dogs like him and I don’t care at all you know, because he is my best mate for ages now!

Whale: Oh! Well, I think that Jack deserves to be with one of those lady dogs because you Hot Dog are my precious baby dog!

Hot Dog: Thanks Whale! I really appreciate it!

Whale: You are welcome!……………so, what else have you been thinking about?

Hot Dog: Home-cooked chicken!

Whale: Yeah…those are the best kinds of chicken!


Author: Osmi Anannya

Blogger. ♥

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