Blau and ‘The Lady With The Blue Hat’

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Blau and Kahaan are inside the French house. The floor tiles are no longer made of marble – they are the colour of a traditional domino piece, and it looks even more polished than before. Kahaan tells Blau that his room is on the first floor and Blau notices for the first time that the house only has that one floor. The staircase strangely is still built of marble and has an enormously thick handle, painted white, to hold onto while climbing. Kahaan shares with Blau that his room has a thick wooden door, with a gleaming-green doorknob that is different from all the doorknobs in the house, which are the shade of gleaming-golden-yellow.

Blau: Why is yours different?
Kahaan: Because I am different from everyone else in my household.
Blau: You live with your parents here?
Kahaan: Yes, their room is right next to mine actually!
Blau: Do you know Abigail?
Kahaan: She is my sister.
Blau: Really? I don’t remember Abigail telling me about you at any point in my life.
Kahaan: She does not speak of me.
Blau: Why?
Kahaan: She does not like me.
Blau: Again…why?
Kahaan: She is very nasty.
Blau: You think Abigail is nasty?
Kahaan: She has always been nasty…what is your name?
Blau: I’m Blau. I’m from Berlin.
Kahaan: I think that Berlin is nice.
Blau: You don’t sound sincere.
Kahaan: Why don’t I?
Blau: I don’t know. Maybe because you are from close to Paris, that’s why.
Kahaan: But I really like Berlin.
Blau: That’s good to hear! Can you please take me to Abigail’s room?
Kahaan: Why?
Blau: I am supposed to meet her. I received a telegram from a lady asking me to meet her.
Kahaan: What is the lady’s name?
Blau: I cannot remember to be honest. But I will definitely let you know later.
Kahaan: Will you? Really? I really want to know.
Blau: Why?
Kahaan: I want to feel…like I know about this lady’s name.
Blau: Alright!
Kahaan: I know about Abigail’s mother.
Blau: Do you?
Kahaan: Yes. She loves cheese and vegetables a lot. What is inside the telegram?
Blau: Something about the lady’s daughter and asking me to come meet her. I did not want to because I had a lot of work but the telegram looked like it would tie-up some centuries old loose ends.
Kahaan: You know this family for centuries?
Blau: No! I just knew not that long ago.
Kahaan: Everybody knows them for centuries. No one knows me, but in this part of Paris, this family, I don’t really understand how, rules.
Blau: That’s not possible. This town belongs to one of my French ancestors.

Kahaan: Then how come you weren’t here when I was growing up?

At that moment, a lady descends the staircase, on which Abigail had met Blau twelve years ago. She is wearing a white dress and it has really long sleeves. She’s wearing some kind of blue heels that are hard to makeout over her long gown. The lady, in her late forties, seems over-dressed, with a lot of makeup and Blau does not recognize her.

Kahaan: Blau…that…is…Charlotte. She is my cousin.
Blau: What? Is she? How is she your cousin?
Kahaan: I met her when I was only twelve years old and I don’t know how. But mother tells me she is related to me from my mother’s side – my mother and her mother usually spend time together on evenings.
Blau: Then how you don’t know about her yet?
Kahaan: I don’t spend most of my time with my mother alone because I now have my own room upstairs.
Blau: Okay! That’s good to hear!
Kahaan: I think Charlotte was just coming down the stairs looking for something. Why don’t I take you upstairs?
Blau: I shouldn’t say something to Charlotte? Kahaan, I think she noticed me…
Kahaan (with a strange look in his eyes): Charlotte does not talk!

Blau: Oh!

Kahaan and Blau go up the staircase to Abigail’s room. The door is coloured purple with bright yellow roses and it looks like something out of a fantasy. Kahaan knocks on the door four times, and waits with Blau infront of it.

Blau: That is the most elaborate door I think I have ever seen.
Kahaan: Oh! This is nothing! Abigail is planning on adding yellow-coloured glitter and white-sequins, to it.
Blau: That brightness won’t blind people?
Kahaan: I already need a pair of glasses when I read because of this family’s love for bright colours, and I am not even old.
Blau (laughs): I think it is already…Kahaan?
Kahaan: No one is answering the door. I don’t think Abigail is in. Do you want to go back to your carriage?
Blau: Oh! But I can’t wait…
Kahaan: You can tell me what you want to tell her, and I will let her know on your behalf.
Blau: That won’t be necessary! Abigail’s mother asked me to protect her daughter’s secrecy.
Kahaan: Secrecy in what?
Blau: Ah…I cannot tell you. Kahaan, I already told you I must protect the secrecy.
Kahaan: I don’t know much about Abigail. Do you want to come see my room?
Blau: Sure! But I can’t stay long.

Kahaan: Oh it won’t take long at all! Come! Let’s go to my room!

Kahaan opens the door to his room. Blau goes inside it and sees that it is decorated with purple curtains, and it has a small orange bed. He has a very messy table and on it sits several pieces of paper, all scribbled on in a language Blau does not recognize.

Blau: What language is that?
Kahaan: That is…nothing. Why don’t you sit on my bed?
Blau: Alright!
Kahaan: So, I spend most of my time here. And I love to write novels.
Blau: You are an author?
Kahaan: Yes! I only have thirteen books in print so far.
Blau: That is a lot of books!
Kahaan: It is not. I want to do more.
Blau: What was your first book about?
Kahaan: It was a book about a young woman called Brooklyn who is a really big romantic. Brooklyn travels across Rome once to find the love of her life. But then tragedy meets her because she meets the man she thinks she is supposed to be with, a very renowned cook, but he already loves someone else. Brooklyn spends most of the time trying to win his heart, even though the separation from him and the lack of love for her from his side is too tough to even get off bed and do something.
Blau (quietly): Oh! Did you like writing it?
Kahaan: I loved it!
Blau (even more quietly): It sounds rather familiar to me somehow, I can’t understand why.
Kahaan: Maybe you have heard of it already? My first novel was a bestseller soon upon it’s release. It is called ‘The Lady With The Blue Hat’.
Blau: Yes, I have! Abigail introduced it to me, twelve years ago!

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