How do women still want to have a child?

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Dogs (or pets at-large)…they are really the perfect babies

I have always found the thought of pregnancy and having a child off-putting. I never had those natural desires to be a parent, unless being a parent to my pet dog(s) count or countless other animals I would like to have as pets one day do. I have also never been a babies-person: they sound like they cry (really loudly), eat, sleep and barf all the time and having brought up two dogs myself, I find those qualities in a baby very repulsive. As a baby, I was the quietest kid and never gave my Mum any troubles but I am that rare baby. Most babies aren’t like me and I can’t even imagine being at the receiving end of all those things from babies when my Mum never was for me.

A couple of other concerns that bogged me down over the thought of having a child: the first was the fact that I was expected to share my beauty with another person, which I could never even imagine, let alone do. I’m a very self-involved girl and I don’t like to have any of those expectations bounce off me at any point in my life because even though I have a really amazing beauty lineage, I should not be expected to share any of it with a baby. The second was how much your body lets go soon after birth, which even though you can thankfully eventually say goodbye to, there is the big problem with how pregnancy leaves you with stretch marks.

For most women, stretch marks don’t go away with the help of stretch mark removal lotions, creams and as such, if the marks are old and developed. The products also almost always don’t come cheap, and may also pose health risks. I think the only viable option is a laser stretch mark removal treatment for women who have gone through pregnancy, if they don’t want to have a surgical procedure to remove stretch marks entirely. But why would I want to put my body through all of that for a baby? The suggestion does not sound even remotely inviting.

I know so many Hollywood stars often choose to have a baby but I don’t get how as a woman, someone as glamorous as Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Garner could so readily give up on all they had going so good and opt to have a baby. It’s remarkable how stars can freely sign up for putting their body through an awful lot just to have a child – I guess their maternal instinct really rages; for me, I have a total zero in that department and I am damn proud of it. I think puppies (or even kittens, for that matter, if I were to have them as pets) are great however because they are very eternally faithful, obedient and give me so much unconditional love + they are furry and they truly are man’s best friends.


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