Eating Out

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What to wear? That’s one of the biggest questions when preparing for a meal out. I prefer to keep it casual enough: a mini skirt, a jumper and ballerina flats – the fashion ensemble spells fun and relaxed, so they are my go-to options. I feel it’s important to look good for something special. I’ve got be wise – given the prices of meals in posh places, eating out can’t be a weekly episode for me so it’s more of a special episode and something worth dressing up a little bit for. I do aspire to make eating out a regular thing, however – maybe when I get organized more I’ll get myself there.

My preferred places to eat out are normally restaurants but fast food eating spaces are good options too.

I like to dine out on my own. It’s what I like to do most of the time and the only company I would probably truly enjoy is perhaps a good book, or a well-trained pet of my own, like a Pomeranian dog, by my side. It’s good when you can manage to get a seat, with a view, if the dining space offers one because it’s nice to be alone with great food, my thoughts and a view of what seems like eternal grey skies – how perfect.

I have never been to a restaurant (or a fast food shop) that isn’t packed. It’s almost like the natural environment in these places. With that, comes the annoying thought of getting interrupted in a packed environment. I hate to be interrupted when I am eating out on my own: the thought of someone coming over and asking if they could borrow the empty chair opposite to mine because they need another one at their table but are unable to find any empty (because the place is so packed) is not a happy thought – it’s so impolite, for one thing. I could never entertain the idea of parting with my dining arrangement of two seats, and a table, even when one of the chairs is meant for nothing but my handbag. Oh! I despise moments of interruption like anything.

But sometimes they do come my way and I fast (and I must admit, rather rudely) cut whatever they are saying off by not giving them what they want, and just get back to enjoying my meal. I want to have the same dining experience as all the packed tables at a restaurant, without having to worry about any interruption. I don’t understand why on some days people who like to interrupt even come to eat at my favourite food haunts – in my mind, they don’t have the class to belong there.

Cuisine-wise, I am a sucker for fried food. Fried chicken. French fries. They are also convenient dishes to order whilst eating out – they are served very fast and I feel you get the best kinds in a fast food shop. Normally, at a restaurant, after I have ordered my food, the waiting period preceding my food being served at my table, is like almost an hour. It’s still worth it though: even if I skipped lunch, because I’ve got eating like a pig, scheduled for evening-time. In those moments, it’s just sipping my bubbly lemonade, and looking at the interiors before I dig into seriously delicious fried prawns.


Author: Osmi Anannya

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