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The Owl is here to teach you more about a character you meet in Blau’s world.

The Owl is peering over his research papers at the British Library. Blau met Abigail on her trip to Paris but that was during her childhood because on Blau’s recent short trip to the French city, Abigail was nowhere to be found. This has led Owl to investigate further on Abigail. After days of futile nothingness, a radio station (based in Brick Lane) got in touch over the investigation. They helped Owl identify that the woman called Abigail looks a lot like someone the radio station had seen in a film poster.

Excited that his research was going somewhere, Owl locates the yellow book and rings up Abigail’s home to enquire foolishly if the lady in the poster is indeed Abigail. However, Abigail’s family deny that Abigail is any such thing – according to them, Abigail is just a woman who makes a living working as a seamstress. Feeling dejected and hopelessly lost with his research, the Owl continues to look for clues again in the investigation.

Owl then finds that, based on what Blau described Abigail to be, this woman called Abigail dresses like the woman in the poster, the radio station had shown him. Abigail wears an embroidered black jacket with her long cream dress, when the lady in the poster, seemingly has an embroidered material stitched to the front of her clothes, in the cut of a jacket, even though it’s probably only a singular piece of material instead of a jacket. Owl also learns that wearing a long cream dress is a traditional dressing method for men from remote Pakistani villages. This leads Owl to think Kahaan’s relatives might be from Pakistan, which makes no sense to him because Kahaan is an Indian boy in Paris. Owl begins to daydream that Kahaan comes from a really large family filled with lots of dangerous secrets (and lies)…


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