What Does Hillary Clinton Do These Days?

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Hillary Clinton will perhaps most be remembered as the politician who lost out on becoming the President of the United States, twice in her life. The second time was the most surprising turn of events, given that she had a good campaign backing her, a horrible choice from the Republican-side opposing her and also, just imagine the immense amount of experience she had gathered over the years with politics, or everything-politics-related.

But despite so much of good going on, Hillary failed to impress the American public – she should most definitely share the blame-game over it, along with other Democrats, because it was most certainly not America’s fault Donald Trump got elected. The truth is that despite Hillary winning the popular vote, the political choices she made in life sometimes impressed the nation even less than whatever it is in the world that Donald Trump stood for during the elections the past year, so the blame-game should really swing from Hillary to the Democrats, back-and-forth, and nothing else.

On the eve of her finding out that she lost the election to Donald Trump, Hillary appeared more emotional than I had expected. What I had expected to find was an angry young woman, distressed with what was happening and in complete disbelief, more in tune with the kind of ‘high and mighty female’ image Hillary has always portrayed in the public eye. But Hillary instead turned out to be a shadow of her former self with her newfound electoral loss: there was a sense that she may have disappointed others with the loss, she wanted to ring Barack Obama after the Democrats lost the election, and she also wanted to appear as a dignified woman, as someone who had integrity, during the immediate moments that followed Trump’s win.

Hillary found the loss tough, and she, for her part, even today feels her campaign was fault-free, perhaps because of the people who worked on it, and were also leaders there. Actually, the campaign wasn’t too bad itself – in fact, a very good development was when women numbering in thousands expressed the desire to become President, so both the campaign and Clinton did get plenty right, at times. A portion of this was echoed in the editorial endorsements, which Clinton had received in the run-up to the elections of 2016. Clinton recently remarked she wants to be buried with all of her editorial endorsements on top of her, in an open casket, so that no one can even look at her. But all this political talk over the election campaign is in the past, however, and Clinton is really in a different phase of her life now: she mentioned in her concession speech, the last year that Clinton, for America, will work with President Trump but so far it’s really been more of a quiet-time scenario of appearances at Broadway shows and working on her latest books.


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