Man of the Woods

The cover image features two images of a male, edited to appear as one. Top-diagonal-half image features male in all-black suit and white undershirt, in a snow-covered wooded area. Bottom-diagonal-half image features male in ripped blue jeans, flannel button down shirt in a smog-filled wooded area. Below this title: MAN OF THE WOODS, appears in capitalised handwritten print.
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Capsule Review

Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods is a return to the classics for the American music artist but infused with his country roots (courtesy of Memphis) too. The most pleasing part of Timberlake’s fifth album is his continuing collaboration with Timbaland and the Neptunes: the result is a return of electronic sounds that has always set Timberlake very starkly apart from his initial sultry pop image as one-fifth of what used to be one of the biggest boybands in the world – NSYNC. And yet the point worth talking about the most about Man of the Woods is that country influence, partly because it shines brightly in most of the tracks: slow and hermit-like, it’s different; Timberlake definitely does justice to music dabbling in rugged rural atmospheres. Standout tracks include: Supplies, Midnight Summer Jam and Sauce.

Rating: 7/10