Blind Dates

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Will date night ever work out right?

It is one of the most fearless decisions to ever make: to actually go on a blind date. How do you even know how your date looks like before you meet him or her? What if they are the exact opposite of what you have expectations from how the character of a date should be like? It is even more of a challenging outcome if going on blind dates is your only shot at getting a date (for example, asking one of your friends to arrange a date for you, with someone you know, who might be available…) because normally your social circumstances don’t really provide anything good at all.

What might help is turning up at a blind date, with an open mind and at least enjoying a good meal from the experience. There is no harm done in that if your friend has paired you with someone really obnoxious for the night that they have always thought was hotter than their own boyfriend or girlfriend – how something like that works out is another mystery in itself, which is probably what you can think about if the date goes really bad and you need to feign that you are actually listening to his or her side of the conversation, whilst digging into your pasta.

But I like to believe that chances of that happening are quite slim and unless a person is really picky, it shouldn’t be so tough to have a great experience on date night, for a change. Maybe, like with any other mode of dating, it will take a couple of dates to feel impressed with this new person in your life and form a very important romantic connection.