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Looking good never comes so easy but, with time, at least heartthrobs get it right on rare occasions

In Hollywood, a heartthrob’s look always evolves over time and diversifies. But going from being a fresh-faced young boy to a middle-aged man, doesn’t really mean plenty of changes in their looks – they still look just as good. I have always thought that not every look which heartthrobs sport look very good, or even attractive. But, on most days, there seems to be no changing any of that because heartthrobs really like to put their best foot forward it seems, when it is absolutely necessary: like for a really great role they are playing on-screen or an awards ceremony that they are attending.

It is one of the most unattractive qualities in a man: sloppiness, and it is most visible on heartthrobs when they are sporting a casual look. It would be such a brilliant change if a heartthrob would just swap all the sloppiness for something preppy, even when it is a rather low-key moment in their life, like when they have been snapped with their latest rumored girlfriend; I am sure the women who are in their lives romantically, who are so unlike me and really crazy for their heartthrob no matter how they look it seems, would appreciate that so much more.


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