How To Survive Relatives

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Why, in spite of the differences, it doesn’t have to be hard to get along with relatives

In a person’s extended family, you usually can find uncles, aunts, cousins or in-laws. But it is not always easy to get along with them: let’s say, one of your cousins’ just broke to you his idea about how to fry an egg but you know it is wrong and you have told him so but he keeps insisting to you that he is right and you actually have to take time out of your socializing (with your relatives) and argue with him that you really know better and that he is very wrong. Family environments like that tend to be more particular when your big extended family gathers somewhere during the holidays and the atmosphere seems to want to simply make people just always argue over the most insignificant of matters, such as marriage, food, work and friendships.

A family environment is so much healthier (and nicer) when you get along with your relatives, no matter what their tendency might be like. Naturally, a circumstance like that can only be so if you can claim that the people that you call your relatives are genuinely good people in the world and it is not only because they are people who are always good to you; any circumstance other than that, in my opinion, can’t really be deemed as the most typical kind in an extended family environment. At the end of the day, I think it really helps if you are an articulate person in quarrelsome family environments and also if you know how to talk about the important topics in life, like your nation’s culture and cooking, because then you can easily avoid aggressive behavior by correctly arguing your way out of a pointlessly bickering atmosphere.


An Evening Of Healthy Food

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Whale is in the kitchen today cooking. Recently, his favorite cooking program on television made him yearn to cook something healthy in his household by investing a lot of time in it. His cooking plan for the evening involves making two pots of baked vegetables and two sandwiches (with dabs of mustard as fillings) for him and Hot Dog. His beloved pet is propped up in front of the television and catching an episode of Superwoof – a cartoon about a beagle that is a superhero, who saves innocent people (and animals) from mayhem and destruction caused by villains.

Whale: Dog…how many types of vegetables did you want again for tonight? I added eight.
Hot Dog: I was thinking three but eight is obviously better.
Whale: Alright! I am almost done puppy…I will be right there to catch Superwoof with you.
Hot Dog: Take your time…I am taping it again.

Whale hums to himself and pours steaming vegetables from a big pan and into two purple bowls and then tops it with sliced onions and chopped chilies; he also places the two sandwiches on a small brown plate and takes it to the living room to dig in.

Hot Dog (taking its bowl): It smells good! Which flavored dressing did you use today?
Whale: None. But there is enough of toppings for you. Eat before it gets cold.
Hot Dog: Yeah, going to! You just missed Superwoof rescuing some kittens from the tree this evening, by the way, and the episode was so entertaining and funny!
Whale: Was it? Oh! I will just catch it later! I am just happy I can share my recently discovered enthusiasm for healthy cooking with you! I am still on a diet, you know, and it makes me so mad whole day. But now that you are also eating a vegetarian meal with me, I feel even more happy!
Hot Dog: Oh! That is so great! I am also really happy because it looks as if healthy food will begin to taste good around the house for a change now that you can no longer think it is a great idea to outpour your rage with dieting right into the food!


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Yangon is a city of unparalleled exotic beauty and ideal for escaping the the summer heat

Yangon is one of the best cities in the world to experience the monsoon season. Formerly known as Rangoon, the city is also very unique. Peculiarity in Yangon is not uncommon actually: consider for a moment, the clothes that the people of this town wear which is the longyi – a kind of long skirt, and it is curiously comparable to a type of costume that can sometimes be spotted in India and Bangladesh. What I like about Yangon is the friendliness of the locals, despite the country’s troubled history with people from other countries. When an individual is travelling, the experiences that they have whilst exploring a place that is so magnificently exotic, in my outlook, cannot be good if the locals (of that country) aren’t welcoming. Honestly, why look at all travelers in the same angle and treat them apathetically because of what some foreign people tragically did in the past to Myanmar? That would be very unfair to travelers. Other notable points about Yangon include: its architecture (a mix of the traditional and the old dot the town), street food (try fish-based dishes) and handicrafts.

Chilling with Friends

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When reclining becomes a lesson in style for your friends

A person can never grow tired of socializing with their friends, which is why inviting them to your place is the best option to do that – think about it: an episode of socializing like that doesn’t unrealistically involve always spending on drinks, food and games. What to wear to it? Keeping it casual but jazzy is the safest bet.

Polo Ralph Lauren CP-93 Sailing Print Sweatshirt at Harrods
A white sweatshirt that harks back to the nineties for the American fashion brand when it had created a collection to sponsor the US team at the America’s Cup (1992) races; the sweatshirt features a colorful print of sailors, a lifeboat and a sailing boat – it is just perfect to get nostalgic with.

Meng Floral-print silk pyjama shorts at Matches Fashion
I like this gaudy pair of silk shorts for its summery theme, as well as the blue and black stripey design – it’s really rich and good for when you have visitors coming to your home.

Striped Pique Cardigan at Brooks Brothers
This nautical-themed cardigan boasting stripes in colors of blue, white and red is lightweight and good to wear around the house when it gets chilly.

Teams III – Germany Sandal White/Black at Havaianas
I like this pair of sandals because it helps you showcase your favorite soccer team in the world; mine is Germany and the pair of sandals (from Havaianas) that has been inspired by the team’s jersey is simple, vibrant and youthful in outlook, with its colors of black, white, yellow and red.

Is History Important?

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The impact of history can never be erased from societies

History is important because it is about what nations did in the past and how it has brought the world into the place that it is today. But that does not mean that history is a distant topic that should come across as really hard to connect with because history, in fact, is just as relevant today as it ever was. For example, what happened decades before with cooking, clothes, design and people have influenced all of that today and more, to such an extent, that it is almost impossible to think about all of that in any other way. So, the need to examine history has actually never been greater than before.

An introspect into history might be subjective but that introspect is still about the history of your country so it is important for that very reason. Without a knowledge of history, an individual will not be able to understand much of what they see around themselves – it would be like roaming around in the dark and that is not an inviting idea at all. History can also fuel sentiments, ignite passions and build characters because the past can always influence the present, and also the future, in a brilliant fashion.

Top 3 Drinking Games

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Drinking games are good ideas to create memorable evenings with your friends

Drinking games at college, on the surface, sound like the most ridiculous of games to take part in, not least because the game involves just casually getting wasted by drinking plenty of alcohol. Where is the fun in ruining a perfectly good Friday evening doing something like that when you can easily be spending just having fun at your friends’ house instead (with them)? Drinking games, in my outlook, are more brilliant when others take part in them and you just get to stay sober (with your wine glass completely full) and come across as really sociable (but uptight) by just looking at the human population make total fools of themselves. My picks for top drinking games:

  1. Beer Pong: you start by playing ping pong by throwing the ball into the cup of the team that your team is playing against but you must make sure that the cups create a triangle, that they are filled with beer and that your competition drinks when the ball lands.
  2. Most Likely To: you form a group and have one person ask this question: “Who is most likely to…?” and fill in the blanks there each time that a round completes with entries such as “become a hobbit, drop out and become a chef, get married, have children”; when most members of your group point fingers at you because you are most likely to do this, you must drink before the same round repeats itself again.
  3. Never Have I Ever: whilst drinking with your friends, answer no to any questions asked about whether or not you have done this or done that because otherwise you have to drink.


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Capsule Review

Charlie Puth’s second album provides a different take on contemporary pop sounds. But was it really necessary for Charlie to reinvent (with pop)? Featuring collaborations with a range of music artists (like, Kehlani), the album also has Charlie aboard as the producer for the first time. The 26-year-old, very shockingly, actually manages to impress with Voicenotes: Puth’s version of pop might be quite gritty but it is still remarkably catchy. It very much proves that something as brilliant as pop can be diversified in form and the result of that can be so good too. Standout tracks include: Attention and How Long.

Rating: 8/10