Why Work Should Be A Labor Of Love

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Work can’t really feel like an exciting daily episode if you don’t love it

Work, in my point of view, should always be a labor of love. If you love your work, then no matter how hard you have to work all the time, it is really difficult to rid from your mind the thought of coming back the next day and repeating all of that laboring. Also, an individual should always be on the lookout to work faster within a certain length of time. I actually am of that frame of mind myself – I like to not unnecessarily labor, so whenever I can, I minimize my task load but still whilst getting a lot done.

It sounds really challenging but it is a perfectly feasible idea because hard work can actually be tough for two reasons: it is either physically just too much effort or it is just too intellectually rigorous for comfort. In both instances, cramming a lot of work within short hours is hard. But if you stay focused and avoid distractions like the plague, then it isn’t tough – it is actually a labor of love.