Getting Kids To Eat Vegetables

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Be smart (as a parent) and think about why improvising with what you want is a great idea

Thinking up ways to feed your kids healthy food seems like a lot of work because children have this tendency to desire to shun food which have vegetables in them. But it does not have to be so hard, as long as you are smart about the recipes you choose for your kids’ meal plans. Also, if you just teach your children that eating vegetables is a really good thing to do and that eating it with your favorite foods does not mean that the dish is unappetizing at all, it will widen their taste palette for the future and really help them avoid cultivating a tendency to just run away from the sight of vegetables. Top ideas:

  1. Hamburger and coleslaw
  2. Potato chips
  3. Beef and vegetables tortilla wrap
  4. Beef noodles (with vegetables)
  5. Large tomatoes (stuffed with vegetable fried rice)
  6. Vegetable sandwich (with cheese slices)
  7. Cheese (and spinach) toast
  8. Breaded cauliflower
  9. Sweet potato chips
  10. Vegetable soup