Top 3 Drinking Games

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Drinking games are good ideas to create memorable evenings with your friends

Drinking games at college, on the surface, sound like the most ridiculous of games to take part in, not least because the game involves just casually getting wasted by drinking plenty of alcohol. Where is the fun in ruining a perfectly good Friday evening doing something like that when you can easily be spending just having fun at your friends’ house instead (with them)? Drinking games, in my outlook, are more brilliant when others take part in them and you just get to stay sober (with your wine glass completely full) and come across as really sociable (but uptight) by just looking at the human population make total fools of themselves. My picks for top drinking games:

  1. Beer Pong: you start by playing ping pong by throwing the ball into the cup of the team that your team is playing against but you must make sure that the cups create a triangle, that they are filled with beer and that your competition drinks when the ball lands.
  2. Most Likely To: you form a group and have one person ask this question: “Who is most likely to…?” and fill in the blanks there each time that a round completes with entries such as “become a hobbit, drop out and become a chef, get married, have children”; when most members of your group point fingers at you because you are most likely to do this, you must drink before the same round repeats itself again.
  3. Never Have I Ever: whilst drinking with your friends, answer no to any questions asked about whether or not you have done this or done that because otherwise you have to drink.