The Arts in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan mask Wellcome L0036839

Culture in Sri Lanka always manages to wonderfully portray the fabrics of the country

In Sri Lanka, art is made with the focus being kept on the country’s religious culture; Buddhism is the primary religion in the South Asian state and the best artworks depict the fabrics of the country through an entirely cultural context. Artworks in Sri Lanka, thus culturally depict the struggles faced by a society and in doing so really aids with the visualization of a state’s primeval history too: for example, Sri Lanka for many years was on the brink of destruction caused by an incredibly lengthy civil war, so the storytelling conducted through art etches out what the land is like and really makes you think over why it was subjected to such a torturous environment in the form of war; without it, blank spaces would remain not only in Sri Lanka’s culture but also its history.

Other cultural forms which are prominent in Sri Lanka include: music and dance. Music was introduced to Sri Lanka by colonizers from Portugal but African slaves brought by the colonizers into the nation had really impacted the local music scene in the nation because these slaves had helped music branch out. Meanwhile, there are various dance forms in Sri Lanka, and yet, arguably the most illustrious type is where elaborate masks are thrown into the picture; these masks are really curious pieces of work because they are full of bright colors and also portray the culture of Sri Lanka in a particularly powerful fashion.