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It is a weeknight. Whale and Mr. Brown are sitting on the front porch of Mr. Brown’s house and chatting. Hot Dog and Fat Pig, meanwhile, are watching some television inside his house.

Whale: When I was a teenager, I used to make cheese balls for myself every weekend.
Mr. Brown: Really?
Whale: Yes! I used to make my cheese balls with cheddar cheese!
Mr. Brown: Was cheese balls your favorite dish as a teenager?
Whale: It was! I only changed my mind about it when I accidentally cooked up a batch of cheese balls with blue cheese instead. I found blue cheese unsavory because it is so salty. But I still had to finish eating that whole batch of cheese balls just to not waste any food.
Mr. Brown: Oh no! That must have been awful!
Whale: It was! Since then, just looking at cheese balls reminds me of that nightmarish experience and so I cannot even make some for Hot Dog.


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