The Frying Pan

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It is four o’clock in the afternoon and Fat Pig is using the only stove which Mr. Brown has in his kitchen to fry some fish balls. Mr. Brown isn’t home yet from work; he usually returns home at somewhere around six o’clock in the evening. Only ten minutes after Fat Pig begins to cook, he gets the strongest urge to watch some television. So he leaves the kitchen with food still frying on high heat on the stove to do that.

Three hours later…

Fat Pig: Mr. Brown! Uh, it looks like I have burnt one of your frying pans really badly.
Mr. Brown: What? How?
Fat Pig: I was frying fish balls in the frying pan to have them for dinner tonight. But I left the pan unattended on the stove for a long time so it got burnt really badly. I am not certain but I think your frying pan is no longer usable now.
Mr. Brown: Fat Pig, don’t you know that you are not supposed to leave the kitchen when you are still cooking?
Fat Pig: I know that! But I really wanted to watch some television and I didn’t want to wait until I had finished my cooking to do that.
Mr. Brown: Why would you leave the kitchen only because you wanted to watch television?
Fat Pig: Because I really like to, that’s why. Uh, if you want to punish me for what I did then you can just make sure that I don’t watch anymore television until tomorrow evening. I am sure I will learn a lesson and not act this irresponsibly whilst cooking again.