Whale Wants to Buy Plants

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It is 9 o’clock at night and Hot Dog has already tucked herself into bed. Whale, meanwhile, is sitting in his living room and chatting with Jack Sr. The radio is playing some opera music in the background but the two of them are not paying any attention to it.

Whale: I want to buy some potted plants and place them in my backyard.
Jack Sr.: Really? Do you have any specific plant in mind that you want to get?
Whale: No, not yet! When I am at a nursery, I am just going to browse what they have and pick some.
Jack Sr.: Which nursery are you going to go to?
Whale: I have not decided yet. I am going to use this app I have on my smartphone called London’s Shops to find one. I love the app. It’s really good.
Jack Sr.: It is?
Whale: Yes! You just type the word ‘nursery’, followed by the name of your neighborhood in, and it will find all the nurseries located close to where you live. I also love the app because right after that, an animated Abyssinian cat says “Make the shopkeeper happy and shop all you want!”.