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Whale has dropped off Hot Dog at a restaurant called Patch No. 10 where her friend Arthur is hosting a party. Two of her friends, Moo and Jack, are also attending the party. The restaurant has green-colored chairs plus white-colored tables and occasionally, golden-colored sculptures of fairies dot the place; for Arthur’s party, the restaurant’s windows have been decorated with flowers as well.

Hot Dog: Where is Arthur?
Moo: He is ordering some food at the counter. Where is Fat Pig?
Hot Dog: Fat Pig could not come to the party. He told me in school today that Mr. Brown won’t pay for him to have a meal here.
Jack: I can’t believe I’m hearing this!
Moo: Why wouldn’t Mr. Brown pay? The food you get here isn’t expensive!
Hot Dog: I think Mr. Brown felt it was expensive. Whale told me that a meal of three cheese and egg sandwiches and a cup of soda here costs around $4.
Jack (gaping): How does Whale know that?
Hot Dog: He looked it up over the internet!


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