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Fat Pig is going through a bunch of items which he has kept inside a big green-coloured box. He is looking for a letter which he received from a relative recently; he often loves to read the letter. After looking for over five minutes, Fat Pig finds it and begins to read it once more. The letter states,

Dear Fat Pig,

It has been a while since we last heard from each other. I was happy to learn that you have collected many stamps. I would love to know what else you do whole day. I hope you like the strawberry pies I made especially for you and sent with this letter.

Please write to me frequently. I haven’t yet gotten married to the man I love and so, I do not often stay very busy. I also live in a really lousy neighbourhood, where I have to make adjustments with a lot of people, even though I do not like the way they lead their lives. If you write to me often, I will have somebody to share stories with and that would make me very happy.


Your Auntie Ashley

Fat Pig (thinks to himself): I better write a letter to her about the argument which I had with Mr. Brown. I am sure I will feel a lot better after doing that!


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