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Jack, Hot Dog and Moo are sitting at a table which is located next to a sculpture of a fairy, with the foods they have ordered. They wanted to sit next to Arthur but some of their classmates were already occupying the tables located close to him.

Jack: Hot Dog, why did you only order a paper packet of barbecued ribs and a glass of orange juice? That’s not enough food!
Hot Dog: It is for me! I like that you got a hamburger!
Jack: Yeah? I think out of all the foods I ordered for myself, the pizza is my favourite; it’s a tomato and beef pizza.
Moo: The pizza which I ordered with my hamburger and sandwich is very exotic – it’s topped with olives, cheese and curry-flavoured chicken slices.
Jack: Wow!
Moo: Mm-hmm!
Hot Dog: It sounds very tasty!

Meanwhile, at Mr. Brown’s house, Fat Pig is busy writing a small letter.

Dear Auntie Ashley

I am having the worst day of my life. I had an argument with Mr. Brown and now I feel scared to live with him. Can you please come visit me soon? I will feel better if you come and stay with me for some weeks. Also, if you help me, I can get myself back in his favour once again.


Fat Pig

Fat Pig (thinks to himself): I must post this letter after school tomorrow! I hope I could convince her to come live with me!


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