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It is 7 o’clock in the evening. Whale is watching a soap opera on television; the soap opera is called Four Lovers in Vienna.

Hot Dog: What is the soap opera about, Whale?

Whale: It is about four couples and the challenges which they experience in life and their relationships.

Hot Dog: What kind of challenges?

Whale: Many kinds! In today’s episode, for example, one of the couples – Cedric and Blaire, are talking to each other about eloping because their parents are against their relationship.

Hot Dog: Why?

Whale: Because Cedric is from a well-to-do middle class family and Blaire is a working class girl who is employed by Cedric’s mother as a maid. Both their parents think that it would be best if they were in a relationship with somebody from their respective classes instead.

Hot Dog: Oh no!

Whale: Yes! Horrible, isn’t it?

Hot Dog: Yes, it is! So, how did Cedric and Blaire fall in love?

Whale: After Blaire worked in the house which Cedric lived in for four years, he began noticing that she is a very good maid. So, post that, Cedric began spending time with Blaire every evening and soon after that, the two developed feelings for each other and thus, started dating.


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