The Mint Tax

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Whale is reading a copy of a newspaper inside David’s office. David is Whale’s co-worker; he is an agent and his office is located two floors below Whale’s office. The newspaper which Whale is reading has the headline: ‘New Tax’; underneath the headline are the sentences: ‘The Prime Minister announced last evening that he will introduce a new kind of tax. It will help the poor and also the middle class but not the rich. The new tax will be called ‘Mint Tax’. Opposition parties are already against the idea of the ‘Mint Tax’. But there is no certainty over…’

Whale: Oh! I don’t think I am ready to pay more tax than I already do! I wish the government…
David: Oh you just read that part of the news in the paper, did you? You know, I am a middle-class man myself with a house of my own in an upscale neighborhood in London.
Whale: How old are you?
David: I am in my fifties! You know, I earn more than average to be able to do things like that! So I really don’t get how making someone like me pay less tax is a good idea.
Whale: Oh! I think the Prime Minister really wants to tax middle-class people who earn as much as you do! I don’t think you will get that lucky when I definitely won’t!